Promoting Sport & Physical Activity

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Workplace Challenge

Wellbeing at work just got easier!

Whether you’re an employer who wants to keep your workforce healthy & active, or an individual who likes a challenge and wants to inspire your colleagues – Active Sussex’s Workplace Challenge is a great tool.

Our range of workplace initiatives includes: specialist advice, resources, ready-made challenges & corporate tournaments – from online activity leaderboards, to Summer Beach Volleyball tournaments.

An active workplace is happier and more productive. Research shows that exercise can reduce absenteeism by 23.5% and staff turnover can be reduced by 16% (BUPA, 2015). 

What next?

1. Sign up for the Active Sussex Workplace Challenge. It’s FREE to use and it allows staff to compete against themselves, other departments and even other businesses

2. Join one of our workplace events & competitions

3. Contact us about setting up a Bespoke Business Event for your staff

4. Become a Workplace Champion and promote health & physical activity in your organisation