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Sportivate Brighton Table Tennis Club Ping Pong 4 All: 2013-2017 – Social and Community Development

The award winning Brighton Table Tennis Club (BTT) has a proven track record of delivering strong and popular Sportivate sessions, which engage and retain high numbers of participants.

Across a wide range of projects at a number of school, youth and club settings, Club President Tim Holtham and his coaches have engaged with over 800 young people through Sportivate.

BTTC has a proven track record of transforming the behaviours of young people through Table Tennis. The young people who attend BTTC Sportivate sessions are quick to articulate how much the club means to them as well as highlight the importance of the support provided to them whilst they were growing up.

Weekends away, residential training camps in the UK & abroad are all meaningful experiences and a big part of the lives of BTTC’s members.

The 19-21 year olds who were products of the club’s youth system are now coaching for the club. The 14 year olds being taught look to these coaches as influential peers within the club.

With a clear focus on working with underrepresented groups across the City, BTTC have engaged and continue to engage with young people from the LGBT community, Traveller community, women & girls groups, disabled groups and Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC).

The UASC sessions are for teenagers that are residents of Brighton but without parents, and are native to Afghanistan, Vietnam, Eritrea, Iraq and Syria.

BTTC has in the last two years successfully engaged this demographic and was recently featured in The Guardian newspaper for becoming the first Club of Sanctuary in the UK.