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Active Sussex works to increase physical activity levels in Sussex, taking a collaborative approach with partners to create the conditions that gives everyone the opportunity to live active and healthier lives.

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Four young boys climbing up a climbing wall. The boys are wearing blue t-shirts and are clearly having fun
Two happy white women, most likely in their sixties nordic walking in a green, leafy park
Black man in his twenties sitting in a wheelchair abouty to throw a basketball.

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Active Sussex aims to address inequality and empower everyone in Sussex to be active in a way that works for them.

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Tackling inequalities in Sussex

Tackling inequalities in physical activity levels of adults is a strategic priority for Active Sussex. Find out what work we are doing to tackle inequalities in Sussex.

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Find out how we are implementing Sport England's Uniting The Movement strategy across Sussex.

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@activesussex | 9 hours ago
With Ramadan falling within the aquatics competitive calendar, @Swim_England has issued guidance and advice for British Muslims to continue to swim and compete safely https://t.co/mfQDgE4Q6k #Ramadan #Swimming #GettingSussexMoving #Sussex https://t.co/UJC1y38F5b
@activesussex | 10 hours ago
RT @activechellel: 3 exciting #apprentice positions left for the 2nd @CoachCore #Sussex cohort, 2 with @HADOARSports & 1 @Activ8kids App…
@activesussex | 12 hours ago
It was lovely to head to Millais School in #Horsham to see one of the free @StormBballClub sessions. The aim is to encourage more girls to take part in basketball and get active. Read and see more here: https://t.co/WUCWfmIYhv #GettingsussexMoving #Sussex #basketball
@activesussex | 14 hours ago
@femalecoaches Semeena really is a great example. Plus she is a great role model for the #ThisGirlCan campaign in Sussex
@activesussex | 3 days ago
Are you living with a long-term health condition or know someone that is? Getting active can be challenging when how you feel changes daily, but taking small steps can help you to get started. https://t.co/My7LdImSrf #WeAreUndefeatable #GettingSussexMoving https://t.co/R5VRWUI0Cy
@activesussex | 4 days ago
Hear from real people who have experienced the benefits of an active lifestyle by checking out our YouTube channel. Join us in "Getting Sussex Moving"! #SuccessStories #GettingSussexMoving https://t.co/Ago5MMrbB5
@activesussex | 4 days ago
We are hosting a networking webinar on Thursday, April 27 at 7.30pm: Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women’s Leadership in Sport and Physical Activity. Book your free ticket here: https://t.co/2I9QjUgMgA #Networking #Coaching #Sussex #GettingSussexMoving #ThisGirlCan
@activesussex | 4 days ago
We love the work @SweetCircusNet is doing with these young girls. This is just one of many projects that have recently benefited from the Children and Young People Investment Fund. https://t.co/Dn9De4WEZo #GettingSussexMoving #Sussex #Eastbourne #circus #funding
@activesussex | 5 days ago
Did you know children should be active for 60 minutes a day? Check out our Active Schools section on our website and our Active at Home section for ideas on how children can stay active. https://t.co/FGT2WuESPF #GettingSussexMoving #Sussex #Exercise
@activesussex | 6 days ago
If you are observing Ramadan, then check out the Ramadan Recharge tool. This looks at how you can build movement into your day to support your physical and mental health during this important time. #GettingSussexMoving #Sussex https://t.co/wLd8L7LTYu

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