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Active Sussex works to increase physical activity levels in Sussex, taking a collaborative approach with partners to create the conditions that gives everyone the opportunity to live active and healthier lives.

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Active Sussex is working with strategic partners to significantly reduce inactivity levels in Sussex. We bring people working on physical activity together, to share learning and collaborate.

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Tackling inequalities in physical activity levels of adults is a strategic priority for Active Sussex. Find out what work we are doing to tackle inequalities in Sussex.

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Find out how we are implementing Sport England's Uniting The Movement strategy across Sussex.

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@activesussex | 10 hours ago
🔊Calling all female coaches in #Sussex! It's our time to stand up & inspire each other 🙌 Be part of the #Project500 Coaches Connect session on 29th September. Book your space👉 https://t.co/agVbRTznA0 Have you joined our P500 FB Page? 👉 https://t.co/aojpfknukG https://t.co/hSISxh46QC
@activesussex | 13 hours ago
RT @femalecoaches: We find building a network is invaluable as a coach (we have several across SE England 🙂) Join @_UKCoaching next live we…
@activesussex | 2 days ago
🚨Have you booked your place for the Active Sussex Conference & AGM? Come & join us in the discussions around the future Active Sussex strategy and how value can be added to the network. Be part of the conversation! Find out more & book your space now ➡️https://t.co/sjbTWeUbWg https://t.co/UhZPOl43eH
@activesussex | 3 days ago
RT @femalecoaches: ⏰ Life as a female coach has been a lonely place in the past. But it's time for change! Join the movement and come alon…
@activesussex | 3 days ago
It’s time for the #ActiveSummerChallenge! 6 inclusive challenges being released over summer to get as many young people as possible active. Check it out: https://t.co/Wr9tI2tGQc @WEURO2022 @diversedancemix @englandcricket @Chance2Shine @_thedailymile @the_LTA @YouthSportTrust
@activesussex | 5 days ago
This summer, let's get moving! You don't have to be an athlete - a simple brisk walk is enough to help you feel good in body and in mind. Find ways to get active at ➡️https://t.co/KcgrieAWqA #B2022 #everymindmatters @BetterHealthNHS https://t.co/XFkab9cieB
@activesussex | 7 days ago
🚨It’s #Cycletoworkday! Cycle to Work Day is the UK’s biggest cycling commuting event. This year workers are encouraged to get on their bikes and get into work the best way possible – on two wheels! Join up and log a ride on our Love to Ride community👇 https://t.co/KRdcho2wmM. https://t.co/sz4Rx8rFD9
@activesussex | 7 days ago
🔊Calling all female coaches in #Sussex! It's our time to stand up and inspire each other & those that we coach 🙌 Be part of the #Project500 Coaches Connect session on 29th September. Find out more and book👉 https://t.co/agVbRThMbq @ThisGirlCanUK #ThisGirlCanSussex https://t.co/QCJKqDucLM
@activesussex | 10 days ago
We’re encouraging young people to get active with the #ActiveSummerChallenge. A new challenge will launch every Monday linking to sporting activities https://t.co/Wr9tI2tGQc @UEFAWomensEURO @diversedancemix @englandcricket @Chance2Shine @_thedailymile @the_LTA @YouthSportTrust
@activesussex | 13 days ago
@ThisGirlCanUK has teamed up with exercise-tracking app Strava, in supporting thousands of women to get back to physical activity after a break. Sign up to STRAVA and join the THIS GIRL CAN CLUB today 👉https://t.co/R0MfBo7Xfq #ThisGirlCanSussex

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