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Active Sussex works to increase physical activity levels in Sussex, taking a collaborative approach with partners to create the conditions that gives everyone the opportunity to live active and healthier lives.

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Four young boys climbing up a climbing wall. The boys are wearing blue t-shirts and are clearly having fun
Two happy white women, most likely in their sixties nordic walking in a green, leafy park
Black man in his twenties sitting in a wheelchair abouty to throw a basketball.

Work with us to get Sussex moving

Active Sussex aims to address inequality and empower everyone in Sussex to be active in a way that works for them.

Read our five year Getting Sussex Moving strategy here

Tackling inequalities in Sussex

Tackling inequalities in physical activity levels of adults is a strategic priority for Active Sussex. Find out what work we are doing to tackle inequalities in Sussex.

How we're tackling inequalities

The five big areas we’re improving

Find out how we are implementing Sport England's Uniting The Movement strategy across Sussex.

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@activesussex | 9 hours ago
Today's #UKCoachingWeek theme is all about physical well-being Learn how to help your participants feel comfortable, healthy, and happy by supporting them with sleep, diet, exercise, and more 👉 https://t.co/QSbMKGPVrA @_UKCoaching #GettingSussexMoving #Sussex https://t.co/qRF1KmGzJl
@activesussex | 1 days ago
Join @_UKCoaching & put #DutyToCare at the ❤️ of your coaching Be a coach who leads by example🙌 Champion #DutyToCare & make a difference in the lives of your participants Learn more & earn your digital badge 👉 https://t.co/KpmVgzBjMJ #UKCoachingWeek #GettingSussexMoving https://t.co/oXrD2GATyJ
@activesussex | 4 days ago
Active Sussex is now a proud @LewesFC sistership member, and we are supporting their #EqualityFC campaign for gender equality in football. If you would like to find out more about the sistership programme, visit https://t.co/1ALWsBgsCT #GettingSussexMoving #Sussex https://t.co/Y6naFcdhcT
@activesussex | 5 days ago
Child-first coaching is upheld by three key pillars - voice, choice and journey. In this @playtheirway video, @_UKCoaching discuss their experiences of supporting children and young people to make their voices heard in sport 📣 https://t.co/9zXfEWSddL #GettingSussexMoving https://t.co/b3j6VZp0hN
@activesussex | 6 days ago
Active Sussex has a vacancy for a part-time finance officer. To find out more about our wonderful team and the job, visit https://t.co/mR6jU39GCQ #Job #JobOpportunity #Business #Career #Finance #FinanceOfficer #Sussex https://t.co/jb5xRSR7jn
@activesussex | 7 days ago
This #UKCoachingWeek, @_UKCoaching want to hear your stories of coaches who embody the ethos of #DutyToCare Get ready to support and shine a light on the impact of #GreatCoaching next week 👉 https://t.co/hRn3IMmguA #GettingSussexMoving https://t.co/2JJQJIJyCm
@activesussex | 7 days ago
We are always on the lookout for a diverse range of people with the skills and expertise to govern Active Sussex, and, through our work, help to reduce inequalities in accessing physical activity in Sussex. https://t.co/DBRwIgeapj #Sussex #GettingSussexMoving
@activesussex | 11 days ago
Active Sussex are currently looking to recruit a finance officer. If you know someone interested, please forward this to them. https://t.co/TGBTGOtBxq #Job #JobOpportunity #Business #Career #Finance #FinanceOfficer #Sussex
@activesussex | 11 days ago
As part of the @playtheirway movement, here are some fantastic resources to help up your coaching game - from child-first games and tips, to challenges and e-learning. Discover the free #PlayTheirWay resources here: https://t.co/nz14Q62yJw #GettingSussexMoving #Sussex https://t.co/6v4msnyPT2
@activesussex | 11 days ago
The TAKEPART Festival is a chance to celebrate the joy of sport, dance, exercise and simply moving more, having fun, and joining in. The free event on Saturday, June 17 starts at 11am at The Level, #Brighton. For more information, visit: https://t.co/aaHB7P0Kd8 #Sussex

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