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Active Sussex works to increase physical activity levels in Sussex, taking a collaborative approach with partners to create the conditions that gives everyone the opportunity to live active and healthier lives.

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Four young boys climbing up a climbing wall. The boys are wearing blue t-shirts and are clearly having fun
Two happy white women, most likely in their sixties nordic walking in a green, leafy park
Black man in his twenties sitting in a wheelchair abouty to throw a basketball.

Work with us to get Sussex moving

Active Sussex aims to address inequality and empower everyone in Sussex to be active in a way that works for them.

Read our five year Getting Sussex Moving strategy here

Tackling inequalities in Sussex

Tackling inequalities in physical activity levels of adults is a strategic priority for Active Sussex. Find out what work we are doing to tackle inequalities in Sussex.

How we're tackling inequalities

The five big areas we’re improving

Find out how we are implementing Sport England's Uniting The Movement strategy across Sussex.

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