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🎥  This Girl Can: Fit Got Real – movement around the park!

🎥 This Girl Can: Fit Got Real – movement around the park!

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We're excited to share with you the second video from our #FitGotReal series with our Active Sussex, This Girl Can Ambassador Tess Agnew.

This time Tess explores fun, free and easy ways to fit movement into a busy life by using her local park. 

It includes step ups on a park bench and push ups using a log. Watch the full video below.

"Hopefully you’ll have a local park or green space near to your home or workplace to do a quick and easy park workout. There’s lots of simple exercises you can do using a park bench, trees, logs, the playground or ball courts," explained Tess, a self confessed 'former binge-eating, beer-guzzling ex smoker,' now hooked on fitness for fun and wellbeing.

"I’ve made it no secret that I love getting my fitness fix outside – cycling the South Downs, bootcamp at the beach, or running and doing quick and easy park workouts in my local park, where my fitness journey started.

"Exercising outdoors is a great stress reducer and works wonders for both the body and mind. You get a healthy dose of fresh air and (hopefully) vitamin D as well as those hard earned endorphins. One in five people in the UK experience vitamin D deficiency leaving you feeling tired and lethargic, experiencing muscle and bone pain.

"So one way to top your vitamin D up is to get outside in the sunlight to exercise.

"And even if it is windy and raining, you feel alive, invigorated (and a bit smug) from being out in the elements when you could’ve stayed indoors. Personally I love running in the autumn and winter when the weather’s a bit crisper and the parks are bathed in a carpet of orange and brown.

"There’s something really wholesome about exercising outdoors whatever the weather, and studies show working out in your local park, for example, brings more restorative mental health benefits than getting your fitness fix in an urban environment – whatever the weather.

"It’s worth noting too, that the absolute best cup of tea you’ll ever have is the one directly after a wet and windy outdoor run, cycle ride or fitness session in the great outdoors."

For Tess's latest blog and more information visit her website and check out all of Tess’s #ThisGirlCan videos by clicking here. 


In October 2018 the third phase of the, award-winning, Sport England national campaign was launched with the strapline – Fit Got Real, with a renewed focus on reaching women that failed to be inspired to take up exercise in the first three years of the campaign.

It seeks to challenge the conventional idea of what exercise looks like, highlighting that all forms of exercise count, in order to break down barriers for women and girls in getting active, such as a lack of time, money and energy. 

   Even hula-hooping in the kitchen, running round the park pushing a pram, trampolining with friends or teaching themselves how to swim using YouTube.

How to get involved in Sussex 

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