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Environmental Social Governance

Active Sussex is a member of BASIS - the British Association for Sustainable Sport - and is currently working on its environmental social governance policy. Below you can read our environmental sustainability statement and how we would like to work closely with partners to reduce sport and physical activity's impact on our planet.

Active Sussex's environmental sustainability statement

At Active Sussex we are currently working on our Environmental Social Governance policy, which will be added here in due course.

Active Sussex is acutely aware of the impact climate change is having on the sport and physical activity sector and that effective action is needed now.

Since January 2023, we have joined BASIS – the British Association for Sustainable Sport – and have agreed to support its 12 principles for sustainability in sport, which you can read here.

Although we are at the start of our environmental journey, we are committed to show leadership, ambition and set a high standard in environmental governance in the hope we inspire others and create a ‘multiplier effect’ across the sector.

We know that by making our clubs and activities more environmentally sustainable we can protect our sports for future generations. However, to do this we need to work with our partners to help make important changes. After all, every small change can make a big difference.

With this in mind, each month we will highlight the good work going on around Sussex and share inspirational stories to help other organisations develop their environmental sustainability credentials and learn from each other.

We would also like our partners to think about these questions:

  • What small change can you do that could make a big impact?
  • What does an environmentally-friendly sports club look like?
  • What would you like your organisation or group to look like in a year’s time?

If you would like to share your good environmental practices with us and further afield, please email Alex Bunce at abunce@activesussex.org

Let’s work together in Getting Sussex Moving while helping protect our planet.

Club Matters - tackling climate change and making sport sustainable

What actions can you take?

Facilities and Finances

  • Switch to an energy provider that uses renewable energy sources or install renewable energy sources onsite e.g. solar panels.
  • Use LED bulbs, switch lights/equipment off when not in use and encourage shorter showers.
  • Check where your bank and/or pension provider invests money and switch if you don’t like the answers, this could half your carbon footprint very quickly. Bank.Green can help you.


  • Encourage people to actively travel to your activity by walking, cycling, rolling.
  • Set up a car share system for training and matches.
  • Share public transport routes.
  • Switch to a climate friendly train booking platform, such as Train Hugger.


  • Urge participants to use refillable bottles and cups rather than single use alternatives that often contain plastic too.
  • Provide a kit swap facility so that new members don’t need to buy new kit. If new kit is required, prioritise environmentally sustainable, ethically made, recycled, and local products.
  • Encourage people to repair, recycle or re-use things as much as possible and have a supply of clearly labelled recycling, composting, and green-waste bins.


  • Delete emails (including your spam folder) – this is the easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint on the computer (storing them requires energy).
  • Unsubscribe from emails or newsletters you don’t actually intend to read, or delete those emails once you’ve read them.
  • Consider if sending short emails such as “thank you” are needed and use hyperlinks rather than attachments where possible.
  • Switch to a climate friendly search engine such as Ecosia.


  • Communicate your progress with staff, volunteers, participants, and partners to show what you’re doing, and encourage others to act too.

Environment news articles

Useful websites

Sport England’s Sustainable Strategy: Every Move: sportengland.org/guidance-and-support/sustainability

Buddle – How to ensure that your sports club or organisation is planet-friendly and lasts the distance: buddle.co/learning-and-support-resources/environmental-sustainability

West Sussex County Council policy on climate action: westsussex.gov.uk/leisure-recreation-and-community/west-sussex-climate-action/

Brighton and Hove City Council’s policy on climate action: brighton-hove.gov.uk/climate-action

East Sussex County Council’s policy on climate action: eastsussex.gov.uk/environment/climate-change-action-in-east-sussex

Sport England’s guide to becoming more environmentally sustainable: buddle.co/learning-and-support-resources/environmental-sustainability/becoming-more-environmentally

BASIS website: basis.org.uk/

The Sport Environment and Climate Coalition (SECC) Resource Hub basis.org.uk/resources/sport-environment-and-climate-coalition-resource-hub/

Funding support

David Taylor

Active Schools Officer

David works with Sussex schools to put PE, sport and physical activity at the heart of school life. He supports and promotes initiatives, programmes and local offers that develop PE, sport and physical activity provision within education. David also leads on Active Sussex's environmental sustainability work.

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