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Active Partnerships Racial Equality Commitment

Active Partnerships Racial Equality Commitment

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Tuesday 25 May 2021

It has been a year since the abhorrent killing of George Floyd in the United States of America - an event that sparked widespread protests across the world and recognition amongst people and organisations that we must do more to tackle racism and racial inequalities within communities and sectors. Since then we at Active Sussex , along with the rest of the Active Partnerships have shared support to the anti-racism movement, and have been actively working to improve diversity within the sport and physical activity sector.

Racial Equality Commitment

Active Partnerships are committed to being anti-racist organisations and proactively tackling the racial inequalities that prevent or discourage people from leading active lives and enjoying the benefits of sport and physical activity, whether that be as participants, volunteers or by working in the sector.

This week we, along with the rest of the Active Partnerships are sharing our Racial Equality Commitment - our collective commitment to work together as a network, along with our partners, staff members and trustees to tackle inequalities and take action to ensure we are truly inclusive, anti-racist organisations.

Read the Active Partnership Racial Equality Commitment.

Active Sussex commitment to tackling racism

As an organisation we have been working on this issue for some time, although we recognise, given the size and scale of the challenge, the need to do more than we’ve ever done before.

Sadie Mason MBE, CEO at Active Sussex said:

"Active Sussex is firm on anti-racism and works to ensure its policies and practices are inclusive, respectful and non-discriminatory. We are committed to providing an environment of continuous learning and understanding of racism, both at individual and organisational level to challenge negative stereotypes and practices in our sector. Along with Sport England, and as a member of the Active Partnership network, we aim to ensure that sport and physical activity opportunities are not denied to any individual because of their skin colour."

It is our aim to drive change locally with regards to addressing inequalities in sport and physical activity, however this also starts with reflecting on ourselves and our own practices to ensure we are equitable. As a team, over the past year we have focused on evaluating our policies, our internal processes and training, as well as our external work and communications, to ensure we are a truly inclusive organisation and that we are actively working to tackle inequalities in our Sussex communities.

To support our diversity journey we also teamed up with Applied, to ensure we have an internal hiring solution that removes the possibility of unconscious bias coming into our recruitment process. We began using this platform in our recent recruitment for new trustees.

Alex White, Active Sussex Trustee and Equality Champion added:

"Tackling racism and racial inequality requires leadership from the top and the Board of Active Sussex is fully behind this joint commitment. We recognise the importance and value of diversity at every level of the organisation and are committed to working with our partners and communities to promote racial equality and challenge discrimination in all its forms so that everyone living in Sussex has equal opportunity to access and enjoy the benefits of sport and physical activity."

You can read the Active Partnership Racial Equality Commitment here.