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Active Sussex and Crawley Town FC Foundation Make History!

Active Sussex and Crawley Town FC Foundation Make History!

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A little bit of history has been made, which over time could have significant implications for the sector - the participant data of our first ‘local’ partner went live in the Datahub.

The CSP Intelligence Coordinator Programme (powered by the DataHub) is all about automatically bringing together participation data on an ongoing basis, integrating with facility as well as non-facility local and national partner data capture/participant registration systems.

This aggregated intelligence enables the CSP to really understand their landscape in a granular way, and in real time! It helps them to work closer with commissioning and delivery partners to target real participation outcomes, guide the right offer to local residents knowing what's getting other (inactive) people from similar backgrounds active elsewhere in the sector right now - and targeting social value, aligned with Sport England and DCMS priorities, and then tracking this automatically and consistently every time.

A CSP-led intelligence service is provided back to data sharing partners to help them grow their reach in a coordinated and effective way. Each of the 6 CSPs in this first wave of the Programme has an integration timeline of 20-30 local partners who are being engaged in a strategic, coordinated and supported way, alongside 4 global who are also coordinating integrations across national partners and the wider facility sector.

Just recently our first local partner went live - Crawley Town FC Foundation!

The DataHub already has over a third of the leisure sector feeding in data (7m people, 280m visits), as well as national programmes such as Workplace Challenge sharing data, building up this layered picture of actual active lives and providing KPIs, benchmarks and interactive mapping resources, accessed via each CSPs own online DataHub account.

4 global who are supporting to develop and manage the Programme has also been meeting with CSPN and Sport England to ensure the Programme aligns with strategic priorities and that it will continue to develop in a collaborative way.

If your CSP is interested in joining the programme or you would like further information please contact Alex.Burrows@4global.com or gsinnott@cspnetwork.org.