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Active Sussex Funding Confirmed until 2021

Active Sussex Funding Confirmed until 2021

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Active Sussex has been successful in attracting funding for its work for the next three years from April 2018 until March 2021.

This funding award comes from Sport England, who deemed our insight-driven application to be ‘outstanding’. The funding support of approximately £1.02m over this period will provide stability to our County Sports Partnership and will allow us to adapt our focus to reach areas of greatest need and least physical activity. We are committed to working with local partners to tackle inactivity across the county.

Sadie Mason MBE, Chief Executive Officer of Active Sussex said:

“It is a fantastic achievement to be awarded three years of funding and for our application to be recognised as outstanding by Sport England. Over the past year, we have been working with local partners and local insight to narrow our focus and to identify specific audiences with the highest need, in line with governmental priorities.”

It is this new focus on tackling inactivity levels that will drive Active Sussex’s strategic direction over the next three years. We recognise that no single organisation can solve the inactivity crisis alone, instead local partners from public health, housing associations, local government, transport planning and education will need to come together to start conversations around creating an active environment, whether through active travel or a focus on workplace health, or simply the provision of green spaces in new developments.

Building on long-established partnerships and engaging with new local agencies and social enterprises, we will strive to target three main audiences:

  • People living in 24 wards across Sussex where there are high levels of inactivity in combination with high deprivation
  • Older people and people with long-term health conditions and/or a disability
  • Young people aged 14-19

In essence, there is now less focus on traditional sport and supporting active people, and more on regular people across Sussex who are time-poor, lack facilities or feel self-conscious about exercise. We know that by encouraging all sorts of people to get active, we will be doing our bit to build a healthier society focused on wellbeing and active ageing.