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Active Sussex launch visionary Strategy

Active Sussex launch visionary Strategy

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Active Sussex are pleased to launch a new five-year Strategy that strives towards our vision of driving physical activity transformation in Sussex, with more people active and healthier communities created.

The new strategy,  unveiled at the Active Sussex Conference and AGM yesterday, builds upon the outcomes set out by DCMS in – A Sporting Future (HM Government) and Towards an Active Nation (Sport England), and sets out our main objectives for the future.

Main Objectives

  • Reduce inactivity: We will work with stakeholders to facilitate a significant decrease in local people classed as inactive in Sussex.
  • Better health and wellbeing: To improve the individual development, physical and mental wellbeing of our communities as a result of our work with stakeholders.
  • Put activity centre stage: We will work with stakeholders to place physical activity at the forefront of new policies and infrastructure projects such as housing developments, transport policy and public health planning.
  • Build relationships: We will work more closely with voluntary stakeholders out in the community to deliver appropriate solutions for our target audiences using a ‘people like me’ approach. We recognise the importance of engaging with new and diverse partners to engage people in being more active, more often.
  • Grow investment: To seek increased investment in sport and physical activity in Sussex as a result of our advice or collaboration.
  • Corporate support: To partner with local businesses and encourage them to support physical activity and community sport in Sussex.


By 2023 to see 5% fewer inactive people in Sussex, and 10% fewer inactive people in the county by 2028, therefore all our local authorities having activity levels better than the national average. The strategy objectives outline how we will work to decrease this inactivity in Sussex, specifically focusing on the most inactive groups of our community:

  • Young people 14-19
  • Older people
  • People with a life-limiting illness or disability
  • People living in deprived areas with high rates of inactivity

To deliver our ambitious strategy we will be driven by applied insight and take an evidence based approach. We understand that strong stakeholder communications are essential as well as ensuring the trust has strong diverse leadership across its staff and board, to drive our vision forward.

Sadie Mason MBE, Active Sussex CEO, said: “Our new five-year strategy reflects an innovative and visionary way of working, and aims to make a positive and lasting impact to people’s lives in Sussex. We look forward to working with a range of existing and new stakeholders over the forthcoming years to make active lives possible, and ensure that future sport and physical activity focuses on the people and places most in need of the support we can offer.” 

Jonathan Hughes, Active Sussex Chair said: “This is an exciting time for the sector and Active Sussex can play a key role in supporting the government's outcomes. We have a strong team of professionals and diverse expertise on our board that will be paramount for achieving our long term vision, and creating behaviour change across our county.” 

We look forward to working with a range of existing and new stakeholders over the forthcoming years to make active lives possible.

Please download our strategy here and please contact us if you would like to learn more about our future plans and how you can get involved.