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Active Sussex Disability Small Grants make a big impact

Active Sussex Disability Small Grants make a big impact

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Only one-fifth of disabled people living in Sussex participate in sport or physical activity at least once a week. Yet around 60% would like to participate more, but for many different reasons are unable to, we are dedicated to increasing opportunities for all to get involved in sport and physical activity.

At the end of last year, we offered a Disability Small Grants Scheme for clubs or organisations in desperate need to buy additional equipment or update old equipment, or athletes – perhaps the next Paralympians – who need an extra hand to get them on their road to success!

We offered:

  • Organisation grants: up to £300 per organisation/club
  • Individual grants: up to £150 per applicant

From the applications received, five individuals and five organisations were successful in their bids and received funding. While these are small grants, the impact they have made on these athletes' lives is big- allowing them to buy new equipment such as wheelchair racing gloves, tennis shoes and to travel to competitions. Organisations have also been able to purchase new equipment such as helmets, soft play equipment and yoga teaching for psychiatric in patients.

Each athlete and organisation has their own story about how the grant can help them to reach their full potential or how they can help others to get into sport and activity. Please click on the links below to see our case studies where you can watch videos and read testimonies about these inspiring sports people and organisations.


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