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How have we performed?

How have we performed?

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Active Sussex has achieved a positive result from Sport England's national County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) assessment scheme Quest

We are committed to continuous improvement, so we've undertaken Quest for CSPs national accreditation, which also supports the delivery of the objectives contained in Sport England's Towards an Active Nation’ strategy.

We were awarded a 'Good' result overall, maintaining the same rating achieved in 2015, with CSPs categorized  'Unsatisfactory', 'Satisfactory', 'Good', 'Very Good' or 'Excellent'.

Stand out results included a 'Very Good' rating for the Team and People Development and Understanding Place and People modules. 

The Active Sussex team achieved a 'Good' for Collaborative Leadership, Continuous Improvement and Learning and Partnerships and Brokering. 

There are five modules in total as part of the performance management and improvement framework (PMIF) -  designed for CSPs focused on organisational effectiveness and impact, and will lead to a bespoke improvement plan. 

Independent assessor Anne Rippon also carried out a two day external assessment in December, as part of Quest.

The following strengths about Active Sussex were highlighted: 'contribution with others to promoting whole system change across Sussex', 'board and staff are energised by a new sense of purpose', 'added value through knowledge and insight' and 'focusing on areas specific areas of place based work that they are delivering through the Active Sussex Strategy 2018-2023 '. 

We are delighted with an overall rating of Good, so early on in our five-year visionary Active Sussex Strategy 2018-2023, which strives to decrease inactivity levels in Sussex, specifically focusing on the most inactive groups of our community

We are looking forward to working with partners and stakeholders to raise the bar further.

Sport England, as our major funder, are encouraged by our early adoption of the Quest process and we will be meeting with them in February to review the Quest report findings in more detail. We will share our headline improvement plan with stakeholders thereafter.

The Quest assessment:

  • Self-assessment – promoting self-awareness and ownership of improvement activity across the whole team and board.
  • Quest two day external assessment – led by trained independent assessors acting as critical friends, the external assessment will check and challenge the CSP against 5 modules specifically designed for CSPs focusing on organisational effectiveness and impact, and will lead to a bespoke improvement plan. 
  • round table meeting will then follow chaired by Sport England and involving key CSP staff, board members and stakeholders to discuss CSP improvement and forward planning aligned to the CSP context, performance and priorities. A bespoke support package will be put in place based on the outcome of the round table meeting and the CSPN national team will play a key role in supporting CSPs with improvement activity.
  • An official Quest Directional Review will take place 12 months after the 2-day external assessment designed to check progress. The framework is then repeated on an annual cycle.