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Active Sussex targets highest inactive areas after national survey results

Active Sussex targets highest inactive areas after national survey results

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Almost one in four people in Sussex are physically inactive, a Sport England survey reveals.

The Active Lives Adult Survey May 2017/18, carried out nationally, asked adults aged 16 and above how much physical activity they have taken part in.

The Chief Medical Officer's guidelines count people doing at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week as ‘Active’ whereas those who do between 30 and 149 minutes are counted as ‘Fairly active’ and people doing less than 30 minutes are counted as ‘Inactive’.

Results showed people in Sussex are slightly more physically active than the national average (25 per cent inactive), however 23 per cent of adults in Sussex are physically inactive - almost one in four.

This is the equivalent of 320,100 people in Sussex doing less than 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week.

Local picture

  • Eastbourne has the highest proportion of physically inactive people at 30%, the equivalent of 26,100 people
  • Followed by Rother with 29% inactive, 23,100 people
  • Brighton and Hove continues to have the lowest levels of physical inactivity in Sussex, with 18% of people in the area counted as physically inactive.

The reasons people are physically inactive are complex, but research shows people become more inactive as they get older.

Also individuals in deprived areas are less likely to be physically active, and people with disabilities or long-term health conditions are also less likely to be physically active. Areas such as Eastbourne and Rother have higher concentrations of people in these categories.

Active Sussex is targeting inactive people in these areas to support them to become more physically active and in turn create healthier communities as outlined in the recent launch of our visionary five-year Strategy.  

Sadie Mason MBE, Active Sussex CEO, said: "Moving forward we strive to make a positive and lasting impact to people’s lives. Using our insight and resources we will ensure that future sport and physical activity focuses on the people and places most in need of the support we can offer.

"We have a key role to play and also look forward to working with a range of existing and new stakeholders to make active lives possible by driving physical activity transformation across Sussex." 

The national Sport England data, based on a sample of almost 185,000 respondents, showed an increase in the number of active people and a decrease in the number of inactive people. However the Sussex data did not show significant changes in any local authorities since last year.

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