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Behaviour change expert announced for Active Sussex Network

Behaviour change expert announced for Active Sussex Network

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Professor Jim McKenna, Professor of Physical Activity and Health at Leeds Beckett University, has over 30 years of experience in Higher Education in roles focused on sports delivery, coach education, academic teaching and research leadership.

Jim's key interest lies in behaviour change - particularly physical activity-related or sport-related, although some recent work has focused on education-related issues. 

The award winning teacher and researcher has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers in a variety of areas. His current work relates to delivering funded research projects. 

Jim has also coached at elite level in sport, working at both Gloucester and Bristol rugby union clubs and is currently working with colleagues from across Leeds Beckett University evaluating the Premier League Health for young men, which is being run through the Football Premier League in England.

This work emphasises the promotion of healthy lifestyles, especially physical activity, capitalising on the unique drawing power of major football clubs including Liverpool F.C. and Chelsea F.C.

The inspirational speaker is also involved in evaluating a staged recovery intervention, targeted on wounded, injured and sick service personnel, based around adapted sport and adventure education.

Q: What advice would you give to local providers, charity, education and voluntary partners in Sussex who are aiming to implement behaviour changes?

Keep it simple! A lot of the time we are not using what we know, and not doing what works. I draw upon human centered design and want to make people capitalise on what is already known as it is often the simple things we don't do. And then it is about implementing what works in your space - whether that is in your own life, organisation, club, community group etc. 

An area of my expertise  is how to deliver better physical activity programmes especially for those designed for people who aren't motivated. This includes looking at what type of behaviour you want to encourage, gender specific interventions, steps to habit breaking and habit building, new and effective ways to promote programmes, and how to evaluate findings and results. 

Q: What do you want delegates to take away from your Keynote presentation at the Active Sussex Network 2019? 

I will send people away energised about the potential they have to make changes and a difference. Everyone in the room is a 'change agent' and I will provide mind and thinking tools for them to use.

The presentation isn't about telling people what they should or shouldn't be doing - instead it is all about giving ideas and combinations. I also want to empower people and show each individual that they are in control of how they see situations and this will enable everyone to look past situations that may seem impossible. 

Professor Jim McKenna is the Keynote Speaker at the Active Sussex Network 2019. He will deliver his inspiring presentation - 'Simplexity of Sport and Physical Activity' where he will challenge delegates to focus their attention on how they can make an impact.  


Registration is now open for this event! Places are limited, and afternoon workshops will be booked on a first come, first served basis.

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