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Boxing to improve confidence – Box HIIT Gym

Box HIIT Gym introduced boxing for teens aged 14-19, aiming to get teenagers active again. Covering boxing fundamentals and basic fitness in a socially distant and non-contact environment.

The project also aimed to help teens’ mental health, focusing on improved confidence and supporting those suffering with depression and anxiety.

One member of the project, Matt, was an inactive teen aged in the 16-19 age bracket who was also asthmatic. Matt was a shy individual who had never participated in boxing before and found physical exercise more challenging than some teens due to his asthma.

To keep participants engaged, including Matt, the sessions consisted of a fun warm up, a structured technical focus and some fitness to finish. They kept the sessions varied to ensure participants returned. Sessions involved interaction (socially-distanced during the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions), to improve confidence and social skills.

The impact of the sessions on Matt resulted in a new interest and hobby for him. He developed a new skill and improved confidence as a result and his fitness increased despite his asthma.

Matt is an example of a success story of someone who would have been unlikely to get active without the structure of this project. He is now much more confident thanks to meeting new people and having his improvements acknowledged and praised by coaches. He now also attends extra classes with Box HIIT Gym, outside of the project, showing that this type of project provides sustainable change for participants.

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