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Going beyond 12-week exercise referrals – Active Worthing

Active Worthing are a group of exercise specialists who offer unique rehabilitation services. What makes Active Worthing’s model so progressive is how they view their members. Once people are referred by a medical professional, they can stay a member forever. Many exercise referral schemes have an end date, which doesn’t allow people the time to form a habit to be able to sustain their activity levels. Some health conditions means members may have periods where they are unable to attend the gym. If a scheme is a set amount of time, they may be disadvantaged in those types of schemes.

Active Worthing have highly qualified staff who adapt and tailor activities to ensure safety and enjoyment for participants. They keep prices low, and have pay as you go options for those that have conditions that may mean they miss days or weeks of training. Active Worthing create a sociable and fun atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable.

“Exceptionally kind and attentive”

Bill, a member of The Rowans Gym where Active Worthing were operating until the Covid-19 pandemic spoke at the Active Sussex Network in February 2020:

“I had to cope with prostate cancer, a pacemaker, urinary catheter and severe depression, which I had since childhood. Last year conditions got on top of me and I was becoming very anxious and low. I was lucky enough to meet a Doctor who recommended Active Worthing as a possible way of getting fitter. It altered my mood and was enjoyable. Additionally some of my determination returned. The main reason was that the general attitude to all members as exceptionally kind and attentive, and done with humour and enthusiasm.”

Adapting to the challenge of Covid-19

The gym was housed in the Rowans Day Centre. The centre closed in March 2020 so Active Worthing have had to try to find a new home at the same time as adapting to Covid-19 restrictions. The instructors reacted quickly and provided some classes in temporary accommodation, while conducting a search for a permanent home so their members can be together again.

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