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Coach Core apprenticeship: How an apprenticeship has “opened doors” for one young person

Coach Core apprenticeship: "Coach Core has opened doors for me"

“Coach Core has opened doors for me and allowed me to get into an industry which I otherwise don’t think I would have been able to.”

This is how one apprentice has described her experience of the Coach Core Apprenticeship she carried out with DanceHub.

Lauren Parrott, 24, from Burgess Hill, said: “I have always been active, ever since I was young and always enjoyed exercising and wanted to go into the sport and fitness industry. 

“I had never considered an apprenticeship whilst I was in college. My family pushed me to go to university and I really regretted this as although I learnt a lot, I felt it didn’t set me up very well for going into employment afterwards. 

“An apprenticeship is a great option for people to consider as you can instantly put the skills you learn on the course into practice, especially in the sport and fitness industry when the job is usually quite hands-on.”

She added:  “It has taken me a long time to find a job which inspires me and pushes me to develop as a person and reach my full potential. 

“But through my apprenticeship with Coach Core I have been able to work for DanceHub and have found a career that I love.” 

By taking part in the Coach Core programme Lauren was able to get her foot in the door of an industry she wanted to work in but had little experience in.

“I had been attending Brighton Marina Studios (partnered with DanceHub) for a year and fell in love with the environment,” she explained.

“ I always thought that it was a place I would love to work in, but I dismissed it as I had no dance education or background and thought it would be unlikely that I would be considered for a job. 

“When I saw that DanceHub had an opening for an apprentice, I researched the company and discovered that there was so much more that they were doing, including the Y.E.S Project (Youth Empowered by StreetDance), dance events such as Forward Motion and Dance Leadership Courses. 

“I loved the variety of the job role and the opportunity to work with lots of different people on different projects. 

“Due to my lack of experience in dance, I think I would have struggled to get into this industry without the apprenticeship and I am really grateful to Coach Core for giving me the opportunity to work in an industry I love.”

 Her apprenticeship has seen her work in a multitude of different areas of work, ranging from social media, planning and operations to teaching and running courses. 

It has also given her opportunities to develop her teaching skills with further training courses and opportunities to develop her own dance skills.

“I have felt supported by Coach Core throughout my apprenticeship. We have had a variety of opportunities to get involved in the sector and develop our skills further. My favourite events we were invited to as Coach Core apprentices were the Active Sussex networking event and the Parallel Youth Games. 

“During the apprenticeship, we had online and in-person sessions as a group which meant that I have been able to meet other apprentices from different organisations. 

“I have enjoyed being able to learn about their workplaces too and even getting to visit some like HADO, an Augmented Reality sport.”  

A highlight for Lauren was running a Y.E.S Project fundraiser showcase. 

“It was predominantly organised and led by our young people with the support from Jade (Hand from DanceHub) and I,” she explained. 

“We had over 50 Y.E.S Project students performing to their family and friends who had all bought tickets, they also organised a bake sale to raise even more money.  

“For me what I found so successful was seeing all our young people being so helpful, enthusiastic and supportive of one another throughout the show. 

“It really showed me that what we are doing is so much more than just a weekly dance class and we can build a community, develop leadership skills and make memories through dance. 

“I really believe in what we do as an organisation and this event just really cemented that for me. “

So what advice would Lauren give to other young people considering a Coach Core apprenticeship? 

“ I feel that in this industry, experience is vital to improve your skills as a coach and through an apprenticeship you get to learn the necessary coaching skills and put them into action all at the same time. 

“I have found that Coach Core has opened doors for me and allowed me to get into an industry which I otherwise don’t think I would have been able to and I have felt supported throughout.”  

A group of seven young people (two boys and five girls) smiling at the camera holding a selfie frame that says Getting Sussex Moving
Lauren (second from the right) will her fellow apprentices
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