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Coaches are Everyday Heroes and you could be too

Coaches are Everyday Heroes and you could be too

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During the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, sports coach UK continues its Everyday Heroes campaign with new case studies to raise the profile of coaches and coaching at all levels of sport and physical activity in the UK. 

Whilst Paralympic and Olympic stars and the coaches behind them are currently in the media spotlight there are many Everyday Heroes across the country who rarely, if ever, receive such attention for their achievements. 

Around 1.3 million coaches provide coaching to more than 7 million people across the UK while 81% of participants state that coaching improves their enjoyment of sport. 

While the performers in Rio are at the top of their game, our Everyday Heroes coach and lead the whole spectrum of participants. It’s not just about acquiring skills, it’s about helping and inspiring all people to achieve their sport and activity goals, whatever their ability, ambition and motivation. 

One such heroine is Chloe Hunt, a boccia and kurling coach from Thirsk, North Yorkshire. 

Chloe says she enjoys teaching older participants and helping them to be active but she has personal benefits from coaching too: "It is good for me to get out and speak in front of people to help build my confidence, I want older people to think that there is something out there for them.

I like making them happy and seeing that they are out and doing things. I like being with them and I really enjoy it.” 

Mark Gannon, Chief Executive Officer of sports coach UK said "Coaches are key to inspiring participation at all levels of sport and we need to raise the profile of both coaches and coaching across sport and physical activity. 

The Everyday Heroes campaign is a great way of celebrating coaches at all levels of sport and physical activity while encouraging potential coaches to get involved as it is a great way of giving something back.” 

Read all of our highlighted coaches’ full stories via the campaign website. Share your thoughts and personal stories using #CoachingHeroes via social media. 

Feeling inspired by the Everyday Heroes stories? Find out how you can get involved coaching sport or physical activity.

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