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CRAWLEY: Local District Authority Data Profile

Physical Activity Local Authority Profile: CRAWLEY

After consulting with our partners during requests for useful local insight, it was decided that Active Sussex should produce a quantitative comparative analysis resource that would act as a first step intelligence gathering exercise.
There are already Local Authority Health Profiles from the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities and Local Area Profiles from Sport England. These complement various resources that pull together health data to allow local intelligence and insight. However, these do not incorporate any Active Lives survey insights and compare them to local population demographics to highlight
areas of need.
This document compares local authority demographic features and matches them to Sport England’s Active Lives survey groups that have continued levels of high inactivity. This will help identify highest areas of opportunity; groups that have high need (lowest levels of activity - “less than 30 minutes of physical activity a week”) and match them with large demographic groups (when compared to English averages).

All data is held within the public domain, and sources contained within the supporting documents are available on request.

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