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Creating an awesome PE, school sport and physical activity offer

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Education practitioners attending the 'Creating an awesome PE, school sport and physical activity offer' CPD day

Creating an awesome PE, school sport and physical activity offer

How can you engage more pupils in PE and improve your offering?

This was just one of the questions discussed at the ‘Creating an Awesome PE, school sport and Physical Activity Offer’ training held at the American Express Stadium on Friday, October 13.

Run by PE Scholar, the continuous professional development (CPD) day was attended by 40 PE practitioners who work with children aged 4-16.

The day was split into different sessions, which was led by Dr Liz Durden-Myers and Will Swaithes.

“I think we design PE for ten per cent of pupils,” Will said when addressing the PE practitioners. “Could your PE lessons feel different so they have the buzz to come back?”

Will spoke about how some children have ‘trauma related feelings about sport’ and how important it is to ‘celebrate progress’.

He discussed what motivates children to be active and explained that underlying everything was enjoyment.

“I’m a big believer that enjoyment is the key to everything,” he said. 

He also spoke about the importance of PE on children’s overall health.

“If we want children to do well at school they have to be more ‘well’,” he said. “Every teacher is a teacher of well-being.”

He spoke about the importance of working with the pupils who were in their ‘struggle zone’ rather than their ‘show-off’ zone and how many pupils shy away from PE due to a lack of confidence.

“If you know the rules of a game, you might be more confident to step in and play,” he explained. “If you know the technique and you know it can make you more successful you are more likely to participate.”

Another session on the day looked at physical literacy and how it can be nurtured through PE, school sport and physical activity.

It looked at three pillars – holistic approach, positive and meaningful experience, and personalised and inclusive.

Liz asked the PE practitioners to analyse how they currently plan their PE lessons, adding: “Reflection is the biggest tool as a teacher.”

Questions to think about included: Do we actually close inequalities and address that physical activity gap? Who are those children who need the support to build positive relationships with activity? Do you know what they are accessing outside of school?

“Pupils’ voice is a pillar of any high quality PE,” Liz said. “How can you promote options for them to choose?” 

She added: “We want to get the magic back and get them talking about why PE is awesome and effervescing and saying it’s the best subject ever.”

After the day, one attendee said: “Both Liz and Will were really knowledgeable about their subjects. As a first year PE lead their advice about Ofsted has been really useful – it has given me lots of ideas about how I will be able to best prepare for our imminent inspection.”

Another added: “Will’s session reminded me of my passion for PE!”

To find out more CPD courses, visit the Active Sussex Schools CPD Opportunities page or for more information about PE Scholar and the training it offers, visit www.pescholar.com

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Dr Liz Durden-Myers at the CPD day
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Will Swaithes delivering his sessions at the CPD day at the Amex
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