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How DanceHub has benefitted from the Coach Core apprenticeship scheme

A group of seven young people (two boys and five girls) smiling at the camera holding a selfie frame that says Getting Sussex Moving
Coach Core apprentices 2023/24 - Lauren second from the right

How DanceHub has benefitted from the Coach Core apprenticeship scheme

For the second year running Dance Hub has taken on an apprentice as part of the Coach Core apprenticeship scheme.

DanceHub is a community interest company (CIC) that seeks to advance, provide and promote the education, development and well-being of people and communities, through their active participation in and opportunities through dance and movement.

It powers several projects and programmes, such as The Y.E.S (Youth Empowered by StreetDance) Project, where participants develop key skills such as leadership, creativity, and teamwork through weekly sessions designed by young people for young people.

Here we speak to Jade Hand from DanceHub about this year’s apprentice and how they have found being an apprenticeship employer.

1) Can you explain why your organisation signed up to Coach Core? 

DanceHub signed up to Coach Core to help provide development opportunities to young people who are interested in working in sport and physical activity.  After our last apprentice, we fully understood the brilliant ethos of Coach Core and were keen to be involved in the next cohort in order to develop our workforce. 

2) Can you tell us about your experience of Coach Core so far? 

Our new apprentice, Lauren, has been an amazing addition to the team.  She is always keen to learn more, get involved and her work always aligns with our ethos and delivery styles. 

As an employer, I think the support and guidance received from the Sussex Coach Core team is great. There are regular check-ins and meetings where we can share our challenges and successes with other employers in our cohort. 

In addition to this, efforts are made to really open the apprentices to the vast world of sport and physical activity by organising partner delivery days for them to take part in, as well as the other events they support. 

As someone who has never had experience in managing an apprentice before, working with Coach Core has helped me to have a clear plan and development journey to help support my apprentice. 

Taking on a new apprentice has allowed all our brands to expand, develop and progress with the help of Lauren’s brilliant ideas, delivery and enthusiasm. 

3) What are the benefits of the Coach Core programme to the apprentice? 

The Coach Core programme has allowed Lauren to explore other areas of sport and physical activity with the support from her cohort of other young people. 

She has been able to learn about this through her coach core skill development days, as well as being able to visit other workplaces and take part in new activities such as AR sports and learn new skills to support her delivery.  

In addition to this, being part of Coach Core has given Lauren the support system of the other apprentices on the programme. Having a cohort of similar-aged apprentices to share successes, challenges and goals with has been of huge benefit to our apprentice and she has enjoyed getting to know other young people who, like her, are starting their journey into the world of community sports organisations. 

4) What does your apprentice do day-to-day, how have staff and participants found having an apprentice join the team? And are there any success stories from your apprentice? 

Lauren has settled into working with our organisations brilliantly.  Day-to-day she takes on a wide range of different tasks such as dance delivery to young people and adults, studio receptionist work, project administration such as responding to emails, reporting on projects and communicating with our young people. 

She has brilliant ideas for development opportunities as well as always contributing her all to our different brands. 

It has been clear that our participants enjoy being coached by Lauren and feel comfortable, safe and challenged in her sessions. 

She understands our ethos of using Youth Voice to guide our sessions and empowering our young people to take the lead, taking steps to ensure this is included in all of her sessions.

As a result of this, our young people feel confident in sharing their thoughts with Lauren and enjoy her sessions. 

One success story I would like to share happened when Lauren was only four months into her apprenticeship with DanceHub. 

Our young people were keen to perform in Crawley’s Pride Festival, however due to staff holiday we were unsure if we would be able to make this happen. Lauren stepped up and took responsibility for ensuring a small group of young people were able to perform at the event. 

She worked hard with the dancers to create a routine, communicated with parents to get consent and logistics for the event confirmed and supported our young people at the event all independently. She encouraged them to perform to the best of their ability and with her efforts they would not have been able to take part in this event. 

A white, middle aged woman speaking at the Getting Sussex Moving launch event.
Jade Hand from DanceHub

Nick Chellel

Strategic Workforce Officer

Nick is the Strategic Workforce Officer for Active Sussex, leading on workforce development for Active Sussex and the implementation of the Workforce Delivery Plan. Nick leads on projects such as the Workforce Investment Fund, Coach Core and Project 500, and is also the CYP Safeguarding Lead Officer for Active Sussex.

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