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Our Focus

To tackle the stubborn levels of inactivity in the county and make an impact on those who are less active, understanding the needs of less active people has never been greater.

We work with and support new and existing partners in understanding this need, to ultimately work to achieve our strategic vision of driving physical activity transformation in Sussex, which sees more people active and healthier communities. 

We are particularly focused to drive improved access to opportunities for those most at risk of inactivity in Sussex, especially older people, those with disabilities and long-term conditions, those who live in areas of high deprivation and young people (particularly the 14-19 age group). 

To support this focus we have taken a place-based approach to gather more insight about the needs of the community in Sussex. 

We also understand the importance of collaboration and providing a space for partners to share ideas and best practice. 

The following pages focus on making physical activity & sport inclusive. By ‘inclusive’ we mean ensuring anyone can take part in regardless of disability, gender, race, income or skill level.

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For more information please contact:

Gemma Finlay-Gray

Gemma Finlay-Gray

Strategic Relationship Manager

07760 164001

Gemma is responsible for managing key strategic stakeholder relations to tackle physical inactivity across Sussex, with a focus on increasing levels of physical activity for people with a disability, those from lower socio-economic groups, and women and girls. She oversees the Sussex Disability Sports Network, is the Lead Adult Safeguarding Officer, Deputy CYP Safeguarding Officer, Equalities lead and acts as the Active Partnership’s Human Resources lead.