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Why Volunteer in Sport?

People choose to volunteer for many different reasons, we feel volunteering in sport is one of the most rewarding ways to contribute to your local community, and gain skills for your own development, here are some benefits:

  • Give your CV a boost – companies like to see someone that has given up their time to volunteer, it shows they are dedicated and enthusiastic. It can also add new skills to your CV if you are thinking of a career change
  • Get back into work – a great way to get a reference, gain new skills and fill gaps on your CV
  • Improve your confidence – you’ll learn new things and do things you might not normally do, this can be a real confidence boost!
  • Improve your health – do something active to improve your fitness
  • Meet new people – volunteering with other people who are passionate about the same cause as you is a great way to meet like minded people
  • Have fun – some volunteering may be tough and require you to deal with difficult issues, but it can also be good fun. 

Did you know the number 1 reason people volunteer in sport across Sussex is to give something back.


For more information please contact:

Anthony Statham

Anthony Statham

Head of Operations

07760 164032

Anthony manages stakeholder relations and takes an insight led focus on inactive populations. He acts as the lead for West Sussex, Workforce, Insight and Equality. He is also the Deputy Safeguarding Lead Officer for Active Sussex.