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Active Sussex have developed a positive coaching workforce to help people across Sussex.

A Positive Coaching Workforce

Active Sussex recognises that recruiting, developing, deploying, employing and retaining a coaching workforce to engage priority audiences is critical to ensure meaningful change in physical activity levels will take place.

Working with existing and emerging stakeholders Active Sussex is advocating, creating linkage and seeking investment into workforce initiatives that meet the following objectives;

  1. Motivating inactive people to become more active
  2. Building lifelong habits in children and young people
  3. Working in the community to influence and engage new partners

UK Coaching

Whatever your role – coach, facilitator, instructor, leader, teacher or trainer – if you’re helping people to be active and improve, UK Coaching is here for you.

Watch the video below to find out more about coaching.

Becoming a coach

Find out more information from UK Coaching about the steps you need to take.

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Nick Chellel

Strategic Workforce Officer

Nick is the Strategic Workforce Officer for Active Sussex, leading on workforce development for Active Sussex and the implementation of the Workforce Delivery Plan. Nick leads on projects such as the Workforce Investment Fund, Coach Core and Project 500, and is also the CYP Safeguarding Lead Officer for Active Sussex.