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Coach Core

Learn about our work with Coach Core to develop an apprenticeship programme targeting 16-24 year olds.

Working with Coach Core

Active Sussex worked with Coach Core to deliver a second sports apprenticeship programme in Sussex in 2023/24, it started in April 2023 and will be finishing in June 2024. 

Active Sussex have finished recruiting employers for the a 3rd Coach Core Sussex cohort. If you missed the opportunity but would still like to join, please get in contact. 

There was a Coach Core Sussex Employer Showcase Event that took place on Thursday, May 2 for employers to find out more. Click here to see the presentation slides and get in contact if you’d like to be sent the event recording. 

Apprentice recruitment for the 3rd Coach Core Sussex cohort has begun, below are the open apprentice positions young adults can apply for:

If you’re interested in joining Coach Core Sussex please complete the expression of interest form or get in contact

What is Coach Core?

Targeting 16-24 year olds who traditionally may experience barriers, discrimination, and lack of opportunities. Coach Core delivers an inclusive and impactful sports coaching apprenticeship that develops the talents of young people and provides them with a range of vital skills for sport, work and life.

Coach Core, created by The Royal Foundation in 2012 as part of the Olympic Legacy, aims to create inspirational sports coaches to deliver sport in the community, particularly in communities that have traditionally had poor access to high quality, professional coaching.

Coach Core Sussex

Coach Core is about changing the lives of young people through an innovative and engaging sports coaching apprenticeship. By harnessing a number of qualifications, experiences and additional learning opportunities, the goal is to ensure each apprentice goes onto further education or employment and provides greater coaching provision in the communities in which they serve. The Coach Core model ensures that apprentices, employers and the local community all benefit from the project and all for the long term!

Employers signed up to Coach Core in Sussex

Here is a list of the employers that have been/are involved in Coach Core in Sussex:

Apprentice recruitment- want to become a Coach Core apprentice?

If you are 16-24 and have left, or are leaving school, the Coach Core Apprenticeship programme could be for you? You can find out more about it and eligibility by visiting the Coach Core website.

See the top of the page for the open apprentice adverts and feel free to contact Nick Chellel for more information.

Nick Chellel

Strategic Workforce Officer

Nick is the Strategic Workforce Officer for Active Sussex, leading on workforce development for Active Sussex and the implementation of the Workforce Delivery Plan. Nick leads on projects such as the Workforce Investment Fund, Coach Core and Project 500, and is also the CYP Safeguarding Lead Officer for Active Sussex.

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