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Earth Day 2023 – making sport sustainable

Tackling climate change - sustainable sport

Earth Day 2023 - making sport sustainable

We need to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably).

This is the statement from those behind the Earth Day campaign as it urges everyone to consider their impact on the climate and what changes they can implement to reduce their carbon footprint.

Earth Day takes place this Saturday (April 22, 2023) and the message is simple: Invest in our planet.

This does not necessarily mean investing money – investing your time to see what your club and organisation can do to reduce your impact on the planet is just as important.

Things to think about: 

  • Could you locate your activity near where the people you are aiming it at live?
  • Could you encourage attendees to ditch one-time-use plastic bottles and use reusable bottles instead?
  • Could people car share to your activity or event if they cannot actively commute there?
  • Could you set up a kit swap shop?
  • Go paperless as much as possible.
  • Host a cleanup event in a park that your club typically meets in.
  • Take time at your next meeting to discuss how to improve the sustainability of your club’s activities.

Active Sussex is one of 43 Active Partnerships across England.

Here you can read the blog from one of our colleagues in Yorkshire who sits on the national Active Partnership Climate Change Steering Group about how working together is the best way to bring about change.


Find out how one company is helping reduce the impact of plastic generated at leisure centres here.

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