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Disability and long-term health conditions

Find out how we work with our partners to ensure people with disabilities and long-term health conditions have equal access and can benefit from sport and physical activity.

In England, 43 per cent of the population has at least one long-term health condition and one in five people have an impairment.   

Long-term health conditions are more common (and more likely to be severe) in older people and in people from lower socio‑economic groups, who are also more likely to live with multiple conditions, including a mental health condition. In the UK this number is expected to rise to 68 per cent in 2035.

While activity levels for adults have returned to pre-pandemic levels, data shows that disabled people and those with a long-term condition are almost twice as likely as non-disabled people to be physically active, yet four in five disabled people and 64 per cent of people living with long-term health conditions would like to be more active. 

To address inactivity and achieve fairness, Active Sussex are working with partners to increase the opportunity for people living with long-term health conditions and /or disabilities to take part in physical activity to meet their needs.  

We aim to activate this through Community of Learning and good practice opportunities and resources, such as our networks, impact and case studies, as well as targeted initiatives and campaigns.

Did you know – NHS Sussex runs a Sussex Population Health Academy as part of their commitment to help bring about cultural and behavioural change when it comes to improving the health of Sussex residents.

This free academy can be accessed by anyone who is working to support the health and care system in Sussex and includes resources, training, news, and events listings to help you develop your offering.

You can register for free to the academy here and you can find the academy here once you have registered.

Our work

Case studies

Here are some case studies showcasing a few of the projects Active Sussex have supported

We Are Undefeatable - Living with a brain injury and staying active

Disability and long-term health condition news

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