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Fit Got Real for our This Girl Can Ambassador

Fit Got Real for our This Girl Can Ambassador

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A self-confessed ‘former binge-eating, beer-guzzling ex-smoker,’ Tess Agnew, 32, (aka FitBits) is a total exercise-convert, and now pursues her ‘quest for never-ending endorphins’ using Brighton & the South Downs as her adventure playground.

“To make movement a daily thing, it needs to slot into your life with ease – so easy in fact that you hardly notice it’s there and it just becomes part of your routine,” says Tess, our Active Sussex, This Girl Can Ambassador.


In October 2018 the third phase of the, award-winning, Sport England national campaign was launched with the strapline – Fit Got Real, with a renewed focus on reaching women that failed to be inspired to take up exercise in the first three years of the campaign.

It seeks to challenge the conventional idea of what exercise looks like, highlighting that all forms of exercise count, in order to break down barriers for women and girls in getting active, such as a lack of time, money and energy. 

   Even hula-hooping in the kitchen, running round the park pushing a pram, trampolining with friends or teaching themselves how to swim using YouTube.

New video series 

We have started a new video project, with Tess, our Active Sussex This Girl Can Ambassador, after her previous ‘Tess tries’… four-part series, where she had a go at a mixture of unique and traditional sports.  

This time round Tess demonstrates quick, easy ways to fit movement into a busy life - the first: This Girl Can: Fit Got Real - movement around the home!

It includes squats while boiling the kettle and lunges going out the door! Watch full video below.

"As much as I love fitness, I’ll be honest, it’s not always easy to lead an active life," stressed Tess.

"Sometimes, when life takes over, work gets busy, or family commitments become priority, exercise is often the first thing to slip off the ever-increasing To-Do list... Some of us work long hours, or split shifts, or have kids and families to take care of, deadlines to meet, chores to complete, and when we come home the only thing we feel like doing is to crash.

"And for some of us, even if you could find that extra hour and energy in the day, would you know what to do with it?

"But this video series will show easy ways to fit a little more movement into your everyday, without the faff and financial commitment of having to join a gym or fitness class."

For Tess's latest blog and more information visit her website and check out all of Tess’s #ThisGirlCan videos by clicking here. 

More videos in the #FitGotReal series coming soon…

How to get involved in Sussex 

  • Try out our 'Fit Got Real' videos 
  • Become a This Girl Can Supporter here
  • Join the social media conversation using #FitGotReal hashtag
  • Promote your group, class, project or story with Active Sussex
  • Apply for Sport England's Small Grants Programme here

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