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Active Lives – This survey, which runs 365 days a year, asks people aged 16 and over across England about the sport and physical activities they take part in. The first survey was completed between November 2015 and November 2016. Results are published twice a year.

Active Lives Online – you can use this tool to query each Active Lives data release by activities, locations, and people.

Sussex Active Lives data – each Active Lives data release is available to view by local authority in Sussex. This page also includes small area estimates of physical inactivity by MSOA (similar to ward size) and LSOA (neighbourhood size) areas.

You can view this Active Lives data and the small area estimates geographically here.

The Sport England Local Insight Tool replaces the Local Sport Profile Tool. 

The tool, powered by OCSI Local Insight mapping, enables users to visualise Sport England data at the local level. On top of this, users can also map dozens of other open data sources, providing insight into a wide range of socio-economic and demographic data down to the neighbourhood scale. 

There is also the opportunity to download reports tailored to each local area, summarising the socio-economics of the area in comparison to England as a whole. 
To compliment the tool, Sport England  have produced a detailed user guide . If you have any questions, feedback or ideas for what data to include in the future, please email us at activelives@sportengland.org

Model for Estimating the Outcomes & Values in the Economics of Sport (MOVES) – Estimates the reduction in risk of key diseases from increased physical activity, and assigns an economic value to the resulting health improvements.

Propensity to Cycle Tool (PCT) – provides an evidence base to inform cycling investment.

Public Health England tools & resources

  • Health Profiles – health and health related information whilst helping local government and health services make plans to improve local people’s health and reduce health inequalities
  • Physical Activity Tool – providing local data alongside national comparisons to support local health improvement.
  • Older People’s Health & Wellbeing – used to examine the health and care of older people across local authorities in England
  • Health Survey for England & Data Sources (data sources available on obesity, diet and physical activity)

List of Evidence based Evaluation tools for Physical Activity

Use our School – is a resource to support schools in opening their facilities to the community and keeping them open. It provides tried and tested solutions, real life practice, tips from people making it happen, and a range of downloadable resources.

Brighton & Hove Resource Centre – an accumulation of various data sources available to the community.

East Sussex in Figures – provides the latest statistics on the social, economic and demographic character of East Sussex and its communities.

West Sussex Life – reports providing a range of statistics and information about West Sussex.

What works wellbeing – provides a tool for measuring your impact on wellbeing.

For best practice case studies and more insight reports see the Library of Sport section of our website.


Archived resources:

Active People Survey – the largest survey of sports participation in the world (probably!) The survey – which started in 2005 – is made up of interviews from 160,000 people each year and tracks the number of people taking part in sport in England

Active People Interactive – enables quick & easy analysis of APS data. It includes data from all survey years and is updated after Sport England publishes survey results twice a year

Local Sport Profiles – provides local authorities with a profile of up-to-date data for their area, covering sports participation, facilities, health, economy & demographics

Mini Sport Profiles – provides the key sport, health, and economic data for a local authority area, including maps of modelled super output area data for sports participation & excess weight

Market Segmentation Tool – helps understand the life stages and attitudes of different population groups and the sporting interventions most likely to engage them

Sport England will be publishing new segmentation data in 2019-20.

For more information please contact:

Henry McLaughlin

Henry McLaughlin

Insight Officer

Henry analyses activity data to provide Active Sussex and partners with the insight needed to help people become more active.