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Active Sussex Participation Intelligence Programme

At Active Sussex we are working to maximise our insight capabilities to help us best direct resources strategically, ensuring we are both efficient and effective in our role to reduce inactivity and grow participation across the County.

Across the sport and physical activity sector data about participants, activities and behaviours is being captured, which could provide useful insight for all commissioning and delivery organisations into who does what, when and why. But, more often than not, this understanding from the data isn’t being shared between organisations.

To bridge this gap, we are working towards the centralisation of relevant intelligence through the sharing of local and national participation datasets in a secure and anonymised way. With the help of 4 global, a sport consultancy, and powered by the DataHub, an existing repository with intelligence from 270 million participant visits, we are already supporting different organisations to make more informed activity investment decisions across Sussex.

Powered by DataHub

Using DataHub will allow data from multiple sources to be shared and analysed safely and securely, so we can start to better understand different audiences and their physical activity behaviours. No organisation ever sees another organisations data without explicit permission.

The tool will also help to calculate the social value created from investment into local sport and physical activity provision, aligning with key themes within DCMS and Sport England strategies. The DataHub tool will focus on 4 categories identified in the DCMS strategy:

1. Improved health

2. Reduced crime

3. Increased educational attainment

4. Improved life satisfaction or ‘subjective wellbeing’

This joined up, data driven understanding of what is working and what isn’t from across multiple types of programmes, can be used to help any organisation to target local outcomes, impacts and streamline funding.

We hope that by developing this greater level of local insight we can better support and inform local programmes and investment, whilst also adding value to our partners through a collective growth in understanding of participation across the County.

Crawley Town Community foundation are the first local partners to see the benefit of the programme. Chief Executive Birtug Kazim says,

“The capacity for Active Sussex and 4global to generate prescriptive data via the datahub on some of our more clinical work will be particularly helpful when approaching funders, writing reports or with simply justifying the value of community development and engagement. This will compliment data we already collect from Substance Views very well indeed.”       

The following video outlines how delivery partners nationwide, such as community foundations and charities, are already making full use of the data they are already collecting within their existing participant registration systems (or starting to collect for the first time). How this data can be automatically and securely integrated with the DataHub, a unique sector physical activity data repository, to generate key intelligence that the local County Sport Partnership can help the delivery partner use, coupled with the local expertise of the CSP on the local area and other initiatives running.

Interested in Joining the Programme?

The very nature of this approach relies on partnership working, and therefore we encourage our partners to consult with Active Sussex about the programme, particularly how they may be able to benefit from the shared intelligence.

For more information on our insight-led approach, and how we are supporting organisations in this area, please contact:

Gemma Finlay-Gray


T: 01273 644154