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Sportivate offers a wide variety of sporting activities for free or at hugely subsidised rates to young people aged 11-25 across Sussex who are irregulary active or constantly inactive.

The nationwide campaign to continue the Olympic Legacy, has provided over 10,000 young people with 6-8 weeks of coaching in a range of sports and guiding them into regular participation across Sussex.

Applications for projects who would like to deliver between April-September 2017 please contact Sid Fletcher for an application form at

Priority Groups

We are only considering applications that target inactive young people* from under represented groups including;

1. Women and Girls
2. Disabled young people
3. 19-25 year olds
4. Low socio-economic groups

*Those young people who, when registering for Sportivate, state that they aren’t yet doing once a week participation in sport.

Funding is limited and priority will be made to organisations with a previous successful track record of delivering Sportivate projects. 

For more information please contact:

Sid Fletcher

Sid Fletcher

Sports Projects Officer

01273 643838 / 07826 526061

Sid delivers 'Sportivate' - the National Lottery funded participation programme providing free or subsidised sport & activity for 11-25 year olds. He also provides general & bespoke support and guidance on funding.