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You will see that our current Ambassadors are from different backgrounds and have an interest in a variety of sports and activities. Find out more about their journeys below.

Tess (aka FitBits)

Tess led a mostly sedentary life until in 2011 at the age of 25, she quit smoking and joined a Zumba class and bootcamp in a quest for the ‘perfect body’. But she never reached her goal. Instead, the goalposts changed, when she fell in love with exercise for how it made her feel, not how it made her look. 

It was in between the whooping and jumping (there’s a lot of it in Zumba!), and rainy morning park workouts that she realised it didn’t matter if she was missing the steps or was out of breath – fitness could actually be fun. 

Now a self-confessed ‘endorphin fiend’ and champion of fitness for fun and wellbeing, Tess got addicted to the mental health benefits of being active and started a blog to share her journey and inspire others. 

She encourages others to find fun ways to move for improved self confidence, body acceptance and better mental and physical health.

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Zoe Ward

Zoe Ward

Zoe is a 35 year old mum of three based in East Sussex, who previously worked in accounts and was totally inactive. After suffering with postnatal anxiety, she fell so in love with how keeping active took away her worries and stress that she quit her job and became a full time fitness instructor. She regularly takes her children along to participate in her classes!

Zoe now runs post-natal fitness sessions, Powerhoop classes and Pelvic Floor exercise sessions. Zoe works hard every day to inspire women and girls to get active and look after their physical and mental wellbeing. She teaches all ages and abilities a whole host of activities. Zoe believes that being a woman is a privilege and we should take the time to look after ourselves.

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