Promoting Sport & Physical Activity

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Sportivate will be transitioning out as a Sport England National Lottery funded programme aimed at attracting and sustaining 11-25 year olds in sport and physical activity. In Sussex our involvement ceases at the end of September 2017, but the preceding seven years saw us:

  • Work with over 250 organisations
  • Support 1746 different projects
  • Provide physical activity opportunities to a staggering 17,850 young people aged 11-25
  • Promote 58 different sports, ranging from Yoga to Waterskiing.

In recent years we have worked specifically on improving sporting opportunities for inactive young people, helping 3,907 such participants.

A total of £917,873 to date has been invested in Sportivate projects in Sussex. We would like to thank Sport England and the National Lottery Fund for their support.

Sportivate – the national picture

Sport England has put together a national summary for Sportivate with lessons from the past six years. Nationally, a total of £56million has been used to fund Sportivate programme enabling over 900,000 young people to take part in physical activity across England.

In the preceding month’s keep a look out for case studies and videos of some of the best Sportivate projects that have taken place in Sussex over the past seven years.

For more information please contact:

Anthony Statham

Anthony Statham

Head of Operations

07760 164032

Anthony has responsibility to connect and network with key strategic stakeholders to tackle physical inactivity, with a specific focus on West Sussex. Acting as the operational deputy to the Chief Executive, he is the strategic lead for insight, business performance and improvement, the Active Sussex Network & Conference and the Sussex Sports Awards.