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Active at Home

Here you can find some great ways for you and your family to keep active at home.

It is more important than ever to ensure our communities keep active and look after their general wellbeing. Keeping active is proven to help reduce stress and anxiety as well as having many benefits for your physical health. Here we’re sharing some great ways that you and your family can keep moving while at home.

Join the Movement

Join the Movement is Sport England’s campaign, funded by The National Lottery, giving you the advice and tools you need to help you do this.

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Staying active and well

Couch to Fitness

Couch to Fitness is a free nine-week programme of 30 minute workout videos designed to help thousands of people to start their journey to a more active lifestyle.
It is designed for complete beginners, inactives and anyone who wants to be a bit more active but finds joining a class, or gym or exercising outdoors daunting.

Couch To Fitness
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