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#HealthySelfieSussex campaign to support physical and mental wellbeing

#HealthySelfieSussex campaign to support physical and mental wellbeing

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Active Sussex are encouraging everyone be physically active (safely!) through the new lockdown to maintain your physical and mental health. Covid 19 has stalled increases in physical activity levels and had an effect on people's mental health, so it is vitally important we all look after our own mental and physical wellbeing during this challenging time.

Walking is a great way to stay active outdoors - click here to find out more about the benefits of walking. Exploring nature can also help improve your mental wellbeing, take a look at the Mind website for how nature benefits mental health with useful information and ideas to use nature to improve your mental wellbeing.

Active Sussex are launching a #HealthySelfieSussex campaign to encourage people to share how they are getting active and to connect with others that are doing the same. We are encouraging our partners to amplify this message with their own networks to help give their audiences a positive message that will help encourage them to get moving and get fresh air during this challenging time, particularly as the autumn and winter months can add an extra hurdle for people getting active.

The challenge

Take a selfie when you are out doing your physical activity, this could be a walk, cycle or run, or anything you are doing to be physically active throughout this second lockdown. Simply post the selfie on social media, tagging @ActiveSussex and using the hashtags #StayActiveSussex and #HealthySelfieSussex. You can make it specific to your local area by telling us where you took your healthy selfie by adding a location hashtag e.g. #HealthySelfieSussex #Brighton.

a couple taking a selfie on the beach

Sussex by the sea has beautiful natural surroundings and we want to see selfies from across Sussex, to showcase our beautiful county. Where will you take your #HealthySelfieSussex?

For more information and guidance for staying active during lockdown, check out our Active at Home webpages.