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Join the Amputee Fitness Revolution

Co-founder of reVAMP GB Para-canoe Gold medallist and personal trainer Jack Eyers

Join the Amputee Fitness Revolution

A groundbreaking 12-week fitness and nutritional programme has been designed specifically for amputees and individuals with limb difference (prosthetic and orthotic users).

Developed by LimbPower CEO Kiera Roche and GB Para-canoe Gold medallist and personal trainer Jack Eyers, reVAMP is a life-changing community online program to guide and support people through adapted exercise circuits and provide valuable nutritional advice and healthy swaps.

The program provides a safe and supportive environment to achieve personal fitness goals among other people with limb difference and increase a person’s overall wellbeing.

reVAMP participant Rachel Massey (pictured before and after) said: “Before starting reVAMP, I had only taken part in generic able-bodied exercises, which I found intimidating and difficult to follow.

“When the Covid-19 lockdown happened, I lost a lot of my physical ability and fitness.

“Desperate to find something that worked for me, my physio recommended LimbPower’s reVAMP programme.

“Right from the start, I found the circuits fun and challenging, but not intimidating.

“The flexibility of this adaptable programme meant I could fit it around my busy lifestyle and how I was feeling, enabling me to keep it up even after the first 12 weeks.

“The WhatsApp group helped me stay motivated and inspired by sharing achievements.

“It’s really comforting to know that when you’re having a bad day, there are other people on this journey with you who know exactly how you feel.

“My goal was to build a better relationship with exercise, and without a doubt, reVAMP has done this for me.

“I now participate in some form of sport or training five days a week and recently completed my first 10K, with two others planned for later this year.

“I can’t recommend reVAMP enough, as there is so much to gain by giving it a try. You never know how far that first step will take you.”

The reVAMP professional team is committed to guiding and supporting participants on their fitness journey towards healthy weight loss and increased activity levels.

The programme’s training circuits can be easily completed in the comfort of the participants own home, requiring minimal to no equipment.

Jack and the team teach how to incorporate adapted exercises into a daily routine, make healthier dietary choices, and track progress with daily calorie and increased step counts.

By offering simple and effective lifestyle swaps, reVAMP aims to enhance overall health, improve mobility, and boost mental and physical wellbeing.

reVAMP offers two specialised programmes: reVAMP Standing, designed for individuals mobile on their prosthetic(s), and reVAMP Seated (floor-based), suitable for non-prosthetic users, and orthotic users.

LimbPower understands that everyone’s journey is unique, and the reVAMP programme is designed to accommodate various levels of mobility and abilities.

To find out more or to sign up for reVAMP, email rebecca@limbpower.com

Rachel before thr reVAMP project
Rachel after taking part in the reVAMP project
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