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Meet Active Sussex’s Marketing and Communications Officer

Meet Active Sussex's Marketing and Communications Officer

In a weekly series, Active Sussex introduces its staff and trustees.


Alex Bunce is the Marketing and Communications Officer for Active Sussex.

She started the role in September 2022 following 15 years as a journalist across a multitude of newspapers and magazines in Sussex.

Here we find out a little bit more about Alex and why she enjoys working for Active Sussex.


What does a typical weekend look like for you?

“Usually on a Saturday I take my three-year-old daughter along to Worthing Gymnastics Club held in the grounds of Worthing College and then after that it is usually a morning of catching up on housework and DIY before we go out.

“As we joined the National Trust, we often like to visit different places, although our favourite is definitely Nymans Garden as it is not too far to go, has beautiful grounds the girls can run around in, and you know you can get a decent lunch that the children will eat!

“Sundays I often go to the gym for a quick run before we see friends and family.”

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

“Oh, that is tricky. My husband and I are currently watching Race Across the World on BBC and they are travelling across Canada, which looks incredible. 

“It was somewhere we thought we might have gone before I found out I was pregnant with our eldest daughter so it is definitely on the bucket list. 

“We just need to wait for our two daughters to be older so they can remember it and make the most of the experience (plus then we have time to save)!”

Why do you enjoy working for Active Sussex?

“Working at Active Sussex has opened my eyes to all the opportunities out there to be physically active.

“Although I did yoga every so often before I joined Active Sussex I would never have regarded myself as fit or healthy. Working here has shown me how easy it is to work just a little exercise into your weekly routine and I feel so much better for it.

“I will be honest and say I did not like PE at school and I think the experience of that stuck with me. So it is amazing to see all the different options children now have and how schools are embracing the fact that physical activity does not need to be kept to PE time, but can be included in all aspects of school life.

“It is now definitely something I am more aware of and something I will be looking to see which schools embrace this when we come to looking at primary schools for my eldest later this year.”

White middle aged woman and husband smiling and standing behind two young girls in front of a blossom tree in the countryside
Alex with her family
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