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Meet Active Sussex’s Regional Project and Events Officer

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Meet Active Sussex's Regional Project and Events Officer

As part of its ongoing series, Active Sussex introduces its staff and trustees.

This week we caught up with Ed Bartram, the Active Sussex Regional Project and Events Officer, who has worked with the company for 11 years.

Here we find out why he enoys working for Active Sussex, and his passion for football, food, motorsports and Disney princesses!

Why do you enjoy working for Active Sussex?

I’m a big believer in the ‘power of sport and physical activity’, and the difference it can have on individuals and communities.

I often reflect on my own love of football, and recognise that playing has given me so many happy moments and memories, a relatively healthy lifestyle, and most of my social circle!

That opportunity is there for everyone, and we get to play a small part in helping people find their own passions every day.

I’ve also got to say that the people that we work with- both the Active Sussex team and the wider network- are my type of people.

Even on the coldest, darkest Monday mornings I look forward to the week ahead, and I put that down to knowing that there are so many like-minded people pulling in the same direction, trying to make a difference.

What does a typical weekend look like for you?

In our house, Saturdays are for football. I take my daughter to her football/multi-skills club in the morning, then I play and help run my village team in the afternoon. I tend to be the first one there and last to leave, so it takes up most of the day.

Fortunately my Dad runs the clubhouse bar, and my wife and daughter often come down to cheer me on, so I get to mix family-time with football.

If I’m not playing, then I have a Crystal Palace season ticket (can I say that down here?) so try to watch a few games each season too.

Sundays are usually packed seeing family and friends. There’s plenty around the house that needs doing, but we’re quite good at finding excuses to do other things- especially if there’s good food involved.

Do you have any hobbies?

I barely go an hour without talking about football, but fewer people would know that I’m also into motorsport.

My parents were involved in rallying when I was growing up, so I enjoy the odd trip to Goodwood or an event somewhere.

My own racing career never progressed past go-karting, which I like to do from time-to-time. I’m very competitive.

I have a three-year-old daughter, so have adopted her hobbies in recent years; if there’s animals to see, slides to go down or it involves Disney princesses- I’m there!

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