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Meet Active Sussex’s Sport Welfare Officers – Angela

Middle-aged woman with short hair, wearing a blue shirt and smiling
Angela Nilmadhub-Watson, Sports Welfare Officer

Meet one of Active Sussex's Sport Welfare Officers

As part of our on-going series to introduce our staff and trustees, we catch up with one of our two new Sport Welfare Officers, Angela Nilmadhub-Watson.

Here we find out how she has found her first couple of weeks working at Active Sussex, her love of Mauritius cuisine, her dream to trek in Nepal, and her background in working for many different National Governing Bodies.

Why do you enjoy working for Active Sussex?

I love being active myself and have worked in sport for many years.

The objectives of the organisation and values fit well with my own in terms of wanting to see as many people able to engage with and enjoy all the benefits of being active, over the course of their lives.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love being active and in my spare time enjoy walking, cycling and some gardening.

I live with my partner and my daughter and spend a good deal of time taking my daughter to her netball, track running and gym sessions.

We have a rescue cat called Bella, who likes to bring us lots of presents – she is a very active cat.

We enjoy time chilling out at the weekend when we can, watching a movie or one of our favourite TV series. We love Bake off and The Great Pottery Throw Down.

We love to get down to the seafront for a walk and in the summer enjoy camping. We go on an annual trip with a large groups of families, which is always good fun.

We love our food and enjoy getting together with family and friends for a roast or a curry. My partner’s heritage is from Mauritius and so we enjoy some of their wonderful cuisine at family get togethers.

In my younger years I played competitive sport, including football and hockey and completed a number of triathlons too. Nowadays a cycle ride or a long walk works for me, with some yoga and when I can I love to ski.

Aside from being active I sing in a choir and recently enjoyed trying the new skill of pottery throwing, something I would very much like to pursue in later life.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would love to travel to South America and to the jungles of the Amazon. My daughter and I are a little bit obsessed with big cats and so would like to see some of their habitats.

I was fortunate enough to travel around the world in my twenties and I hope my daughter will be able to have similar opportunities.

The place I would most like to go to is Nepal, to trek as far as I physically could.

What skills and knowledge do you have to help make a difference at Active Sussex?

I have worked for and with National Governing Bodies of sport for more than 15 years and so have experience working with and alongside them to help deliver programmes in sport.

In my last job, I worked for the Tennis Foundation as an Operations Manager, helping to deliver support services and programmes for wheelchair and deaf tennis players.

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