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One Run Global for Human Rights Day – Thursday 10 December

One Run Global for Human Rights Day – Thursday 10 December

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 Human Rights Day commemorates the day the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  

This year Human Rights Day is celebrated on December 10th. 

Given all the work that has gone on about race, equality and intolerance across the World this year to address racism and intolerance, Active Sussex is supporting Human Rights day and we hope that our partners will be willing to join us in a great step to do something collectively as a network on Human Rights Day to signal that commitment.

Active Partnerships nationally have been in dialogue with One Run Global (ORG) to use physical activity as a way of tackling discrimination.  

What is One Run Global? 

One Run Global is an extraordinary event uniting the World in a wave of positivity and helping to end discrimination.

On December 10th 2020 – Human Rights Day - people of all ages across the world will be running, walking or moving for 15 – 60 minutes. 2020 has been filled with extraordinary events and stories of inequality and injustice. People are coming together to show the world that they will not be forced apart. That love is a human right and no one should be hated for who they are.

There has never been a more important time to show up and show the World what we can do when we come together. One Run is a movement of hope. Built on the power of people, we are running, waling, moving together to unite the World.

To date 4,860 participants in 195 countries (and counting) have joined. All abilities and ages! There is also a school version. Entry for schools is totally FREE and every child taking part will receive a downloadable certificate. 

The team behind One Run Global are extremely experienced organisers of mass participation events across North America and Europe, so it should be both a global first and a fantastic event.

One Run Global are calling upon sports organisations across the UK to stand up and move with them.


  • The task is to simply get active for up to one hour of physical activity at 7pm local time on Human Rights Day. 
  • Active Partnerships and Sport England are promoting this across England.
  • It is an opportunity for people from across Sussex to take part in a world wide event and show their support for tackling discrimination.
  • It supports the work that schools are doing around this important topic.
  • The fundraising is optional, noting that one of the five charities they support is UNICEF.
  • All to try and flood social media on Human Rights Day with pictures of physical activity in support of this.

So how about we show our support on Human Rights Day and join the global movement against discrimination? #OneRunGlobal