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Out There West Sussex offer to mainstream sports clubs

Out There West Sussex offer to mainstream sports clubs

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Out There is a community based preventative service providing sports activities for people aged 16 plus who have a learning disability or autism. The service is part of Dimensions UK Ltd who are the 2nd biggest provider of health and social care services in the UK. They facilitate gym, swim and many more health enhancing activities including various sports and leisure activities in 8 different locations across West Sussex. 

Their remit is to assist people to keep both physically and mentally fit through regular activity and social interaction and reduce the impact of reliance on the NHS, Mental Health and associated services.

In line with their role to build confidence and encourage independence, they are keen to work with mainstream sports clubs and delivery providers, who have an interest in becoming more disability aware. Out There has supported two mainstream clubs in West Sussex to become more disability accessible and provide sports sessions that are suitable for adults with learning disabilities or autism. Through this partnership approach one of the clubs is now providing sessions totally independent of service support, whilst the other is planning to run its own Outreach programme later this year due to learning gained through the partnership.

The process started with a member of one of the clubs shadowing Out There service staff while working with the groups. This then expanded with the Out There staff providing a taster session in the sport, and after several mentoring sessions and some classroom based training the club feeling that they had the confidence to deliver sessions with the service teams support, but has reduced to the point where the club run sessions independent of the Out There support.

If you are interested in learning more about this best practice model, or you are a club or delivery provider in West Sussex, please contact Bob Leeves Outreach 3 Way Project Manager at bob.leeves@outreach3way.org or call 07702972873.