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Outstanding Contribution of the Year winner – Emma Greenough

Sussex Sport & Physical Activity Awards 2023
Emma's colleagues from Brighton and Hove City Council accepted the award on her behalf

Outstanding Contribution of the Year winner - Emma Greenough

A School Games Organiser who has been described as playing a ‘pivotal role in school sport’ in Brighton and Hove has been recognised for her work.

Emma Greenough won the Outstanding Contribution of the Year category at the Sussex Sport & Physical Activity awards 2023.

Emma has worked in Brighton & Hove for more than 15 years, both for the School Sports Partnership and then as a Schools Games Organiser when it was created.

Unfortunately, Emma was unable to attend the awards due to covid, but said afterwards: “I’m honoured and still shocked to have won the Active Sussex Outstanding Contribution to Sport and Physical Activity award 2023.

“My colleagues videoed the announcement from the night and it’s really true that I just think that I do my job and I know that I’m extremely lucky to have a job that I love and I’m so passionate about.  

“Sport and physical activity is such a big part of my life as I’ve been fortunate to have had many great experiences from my childhood through to school and even now in my 40’s as a mum!

“And that’s probably what drives me the most in making sure as many people as possible get to experience all of the brilliant benefits from taking part in sport and physical activity.

“I really feel this is especially important for children and young people as if we can sow that seed of enjoying and having positive experiences of being active when we are young at school and in clubs/groups, that can grow into adult life. 

“We all then know the benefits, not just for our physical health, but for our mental wellbeing, being part of a community and the friendships that you develop from sport and physical activity.

“I’m also passionate about making sure there is gender equality and championing girls and female role models in PE, Sport and physical activity. 

“As again I was lucky to have many positive female role models growing up from my mum, nan and PE teachers, that have inspired and driven me. Especially now being a mum to two girls.

“I think that’s the part I love most about this job, is just seeing children and young people, taking part, having fun and hopefully helping to spark that lifelong passion for being active!”

A PE coordinator wrote in the nomination: “Emma has a pivotal role in school sport in the city, driving opportunities available to schools, both curricular and extracurricular. 

“She is keen to promote and develop a lifelong love of sport and being active, to the children and young people in Brighton & Hove’.

One secondary school teacher said: “Emma has been amazing with our Sports Leaders, training them and mentoring them at lots of the events she runs. 

“She is patient with them and trusts them which gives them confidence to do well leading. 

“Emma’s contribution to people having a healthier lifestyle is excellent, she has a kind caring nature and her ‘just give it a go’ mantra gives people of all ages the confidence to get involved. 

“So many people have benefited from her doing her job so enthusiastically well.”

Her work has impacted thousands of young people over the years, with 184,175 children and young people participating in the School Games since 2012.

Winners announced at the prestigious Sussex Sport & Physical Activity Awards

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