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People with dwarfism call for more accessible sports opportunities

People with dwarfism call for more accessible sports opportunities

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New research highlights a clear need for sports providers to offer more local sport and recreational activity opportunities, which are accessible for people with dwarfism and restricted growth. 

The new report published by Dwarf Sports Association UK (DSAuk), titled Giving You Clear Results, highlights key survey findings about current participation trends, motivations and barriers to taking part and latent demand of sport and activities among the dwarf/restricted growth population.

They include:

  • Top five current participation activities for people with dwarfism are swimming, boccia, athletics, badminton and walking
  • Top three reasons for participating in sport and physical activity were given as enjoyment, keeping fit and socialising
  • Eight in ten (84 per cent) people stated that they would like to do more sport and/or physical activity in the future

The report also highlights valuable findings for sports providers such as National Governing Bodies of sport, County Sports Partnerships and local sports clubs, on how to they can improve their activity offers for people with dwarfism and restricted growth.

The report highlights:  

  • Almost half of survey respondents (48 per cent) travel more than 30 minutes to take part in some form of sport or physical activity.
  • Only one in ten (12 per cent) people described being ‘very happy’ with the amount of time they spend travelling to participate.
  • Travel difficulties was also highlighted as one of the top three barriers to participation, along with lack of suitable opportunities and other health conditions.
  • The research revealed a high level of latent demand from people with dwarfism and restricted growth for other sports including archery, canoeing/kayaking and table tennis.

Nigel Burton, Inclusive Sports Officer at DSAuk said about the survey:

“We are keen to use this report to work with sports providers at all levels and with support from our DSAuk Regional Development Officers, we hope to fill the gaps in delivery of more accessible opportunities for people with dwarfism and restricted growth across the UK.”

DSAuk is the National Disability Sports Organisation for people with restricted growth and dwarfism in the UK and are supported by Sport England. They aim to make regular sporting opportunities accessible and enjoyable to anyone with restricted growth.  

Read the Giving you clear results - DSAuk report.