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Refurbished tennis courts in Eastbourne offering free sessions

Loretta from Defiant Sports, talking to Lucy Frazer (Secretary of State for Sport), Scott Lloyd (Chief Executive of The LTA) and Eastbourne’s MP, Caroline Ansell, at the relaunch event of the LTA Park Tennis Project, at Fishermans Green in Eastbourne.

Refurbished tennis courts in Eastbourne offering free sessions

As part of the LTA Park Tennis Project, the courts at Fishermans Green in Eastbourne, have been refurbished.

Defiant Sports were chosen as the coaching provider for these courts going forward.  

Sessions include tennis coaching for all every Wednesday between 4pm-5pm for. £3 per person, and free community tennis sessions every Monday between 10am-11.30am and Saturday 10am-11am, with all equipment and supervision supplied.

The council are keeping the courts free to use and these can be booked online here.

MP Caroline Ansell who attended the courts relaunch, said: “It was fantastic to welcome the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Lucy Frazer, to Eastbourne to officially open our newly refurbished tennis courts at Fishermans Green.

“The Government and the LTA have invested £30m to build, upgrade or refurbish 1,000 courts across the UK, including both Fishermans Green and the Gildridge Park Courts to ensure anyone feeling inspired by the tennis this summer has the chance to pick up a racquet and give it a go.

“The courts are free to book and use, with community coaching provided by Defiant Sports.”

Also, recently Defiant Sports has held another successful Open Court tournament. 

Promoting accessibility for all and encouraging players with any barrier to participation, or none to join in for a fun, competitive event.

Loretta Lock from Defiant Sports said: “We had ten contenders take part with a variety of abilities and barriers including visual Impairment, wheelchair users, learning disabilities, long-term health conditions and hearing impairments.

“It was great fun for everyone and congratulations to all who participated!”

You can find out more about Defiant Sports here.

Photo shows players, helpers, a guide dog and coaches in front of the net on an indoor tennis court. One player is in a wheelchair. All participants are wearing a medal for taking part in the tournament.
Defiant Sports held another successful Open Court tournament in the summer 2023.
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