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RunTogether Opportunities

RunTogether Opportunities

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RunTogether, created by England Athletics, provides fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive running opportunities for everyone in England.

All of the RunTogether programmes, such as groups and routes, and services, such as ‘Find a Guide’ and the 'Mental Health Ambassadors' programme share a common theme, they are to help people to run with others.

Running with others can provide motivation, guidance and support, as well as making it more fun!

Want to start off in a supportive group? Perhaps you want to get fit? Or do you want to train for a 5k?

Sussex News & Events

Brighton and Hove Women's Running Club

  • 10-week Beginners’ Running Course starts Thursday 4 May at 7pm at Hove Rugby Club

All sessions are led by qualified and friendly Run Leaders. To sign up to the beginners course click here.

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