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Save the date for Sport England’s strategy launch

Save the date for Sport England’s strategy launch

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4 January 2021

After almost 18 months of research and consultation, the publication of Sport England's 10-year strategy on 26 January 2021, 10am - 11.30am will be an important moment for ourselves and the partners we work with and rely on to deliver sport and physical activity across Sussex and the rest of the country.

Sport and physical activity has a significant role to play in improving the physical and mental health of the nation, supporting the economy and reconnecting communities.

While the wording is being finalised, the new strategy, which has tackling inequalities at its core, will focus on these major themes:

Recover and reinvent

Recovering from the biggest shock to the status quo in a lifetime, Covid-19, and reinventing as a vibrant and sustainable network of organisations providing sport and physical activity opportunities that meet the needs of different people.

An active life for a healthy life

Strengthening the connection between sport and physical activity and health and wellbeing, to enable more people to live an active life so they can live and age well.

Positive experiences for children and young people

Unrelenting focus on positive experiences as the foundations for an active life.

Strengthening communities

Focusing on sport and physical activity’s ability to create greater community development and social integration.

Active environments

Creating the places and spaces that make it easier for people to be active.

More details will follow, but for now make sure the date is in the diary for the virtual launch on 27 January, 10am - 11.30am.