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Ofsted have strengthened their coverage of PE and the way in which schools have spent their PE and School Sport Premium will form part of a Section 5 Inspection.

Prior to visiting a school, Ofsted will check school websites for PE spending plans. Plans must be up-to-date and contain the following:

  • Number of pupils on roll
  • Amount of money the school has received
  • An itemised list, detailing costs, of what the school has spent their funding on
  • The rationale behind spending decisions
  • Evidence of the impact of their decisions
  • How their spending is sustainable and will benefit future generations of pupils
  • Amount of money remaining, if any, at the end of the year

Ofsted inspections in Sussex have seen inspectors talking to PE practitioners, observing lessons, studying short & long term planning and looking at how schools are evidencing the impact of their spending.

According to schools we have spoken to, inspectors have asked how the PE and Sport Premium has impacted on the health and wellbeing of pupils, how the school decided upon its strategy for spending and how the spending will continue to benefit future pupils. 

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For more information please contact:

Nick Chellel

Nick Chellel

School & Community Sports Officer

01273 644106 / 07766 894494

Nick supports Sussex primary schools benefiting from the PE & School Sport Premium and assists with the two main County Sports Partnership programmes for Children & Young People, Sportivate & Satellite Clubs.