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Take a look at our provider matrix to see which companies offer the right curriculum and assessment package for your school.  It is worth talking to your School Sports Partnership to get their advice on what works in other schools in your area.

However, this does not mean you can’t develop a scheme of work and assessment system yourself; we’ve got some ‘child speak’ criteria and broad level descriptors which could get you started.

Feedback from schools we’ve surveyed indicates that schools in Sussex require help with extending their more able pupils in PE. This Youth Sport Trust resource can help you to differentiate for them.

Aside from supporting whole school improvement, PE can be an effective tool for boosting results in other subjects. Try incorporating some of these PE lesson resources in your curriculum:

  • Literacy
    • Guidance on how PE & the National Literacy Strategy work together here
    • Activity: pupils report back on school fixtures and upload on the school website
    • Activity: place key PE topic vocabulary around the playground and/or hall to help visual learners
    • Activity: incorporate topic words into PE warm-ups – if the topic is planets, children can orbit instead of just walking around the sports hall
  • PHSE
    • Give pupils leadership opportunities. Let them design activities, set up and put away equipment for lessons and playtimes. Allow them to set up and officiate intra & inter school competitions
  • ICT
    • There are more and more ways to engage children in PE using ICT. The PE GEEK has a fantastic blog post with some great sites and apps you can use with children
  • Dance
    • AfPE have produced a free video to support teachers with the delivery of dance, here

For more information please contact:

Nick Chellel

Nick Chellel

School & Community Sports Officer

01273 644106 / 07766 894494

Nick supports Sussex primary schools benefiting from the PE & School Sport Premium and assists with the two main County Sports Partnership programmes for Children & Young People, Sportivate & Satellite Clubs.