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Children & Young People Investment Fund

The aim of the Children & Young People Investment Fund (previously Satellite clubs) is to make it easier for young people to get active – and stay active. The projects provide opportunities to take part regularly in sport and activity through the creation of enjoyable, appealing and convenient opportunities for young people that are based around their needs. The clubs have helped thousands of young people get active and our support to the programme will continue under Sport England’s strategy Towards an Active Nation.  

We aim to provide new opportunities for young people to create lifelong sporting habits. Therefore clubs will help grow the number of 14-25 year olds taking part in sport. Furthermore the clubs aim to reduce the number of young people dropping out of sport.

What is a Satellite Club?

Satellite clubs are extensions, or outposts of community sports clubs which are established in a new venue, sometimes a secondary school or college, or a community venue. 

The clubs are demand led and are based on what young people want. Coaches and volunteers from or linked to a community sports club work in partnership with the satellite host venue to create a new community Satellite Club. 

Satellite Clubs in Sussex

Satellite clubs were established across Sussex in 2013, covering a range of sports. To date over 100 clubs have been funded with almost 3,000 young people taking part.  Active Sussex is currently working with 23 clubs, community groups and youth organisations to help roll out opportunities to those young people most in need. 

Sustaining Current Satellite Clubs

Active Sussex is working with existing satellite clubs. Clubs will be assessed as to their sustainability and what we can do to help the clubs going forwards. 

Please see our Satellite Club Sustainability Guide to see how you can sustain your club. 

Future Satellite Clubs

Active Sussex has identified 5 key working areas for future satellite clubs. Those are 

  • 14-19’s in education transition
  • Inactive 14-19’s
  • People with disabilities 14-19’s
  • Low Socio Economic Groups 14-19’s
  • Young people with barriers to sport (e.g. anxiety, mental health issues, cultural)

Active Sussex is looking for partner organisations to roll out the Satellite Club programme in Sussex.

For more information please contact:

Andy Wright

Andy Wright

Strategic Relationship Manager

07760 156122

Andy is the Strategic lead for all Children & Young People focussed work. He works with clubs, coaches, and physical activity providers to increase opportunities for young people to get more active. He is also the lead applicant for the Sussex School Games.