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STEP inclusion resources to support activity while at home

STEP inclusion resources to support activity while at home

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Today, Activity Alliance has released new ways to adapt activities so more people can stay in and work out. Disabled people and providers can access new social media graphics and tips on the STEP tool. STEP stands for Space, Task, Equipment and People. It is one of the most effective ways to use household items to be active.
Illustration of woman doing yoga exercises, older man doing step-ups and woman in a wheelchair throwing tennis ball


While we are distancing from others, many people are finding new ways to enjoy being active in or near home. We are mindful of disabled people in our communities and your organisation’s membership, who may feel more isolated or less active during this time.

There are many ways to continue enjoying an active lifestyle. This includes adapting activities so everyone in the household, disabled and non-disabled, can take part together. With a few simple tweaks, activities can quickly become a part of everyone’s daily routine.

Ideal for disabled people, organisations and providers, they show how you can apply the STEP tool to your sports and activities.

The additional tips support everyone to adapt the space, task, equipment and people for activity at home on the dedicated STEP page.


Illustration shows various people doing adapted exercises and activities. Text on graphic reads STEP stands for Space, Task, Equipment, People

How you can get involved:

Activity Alliance also compiled a list of exercise advice, workouts, videos and activity guides to support disabled people to move more while at home. Visit their active at home page here.

We will also be sharing useful resources and links to Activity Alliance's latest information on our own Active at Home webpages.

For more information, please email news@activityalliance.org.uk or call them on 07896 998171.