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Stronger for Life work recognised at national conference

Active Sussex's work with older people recognised at a national conference

Work Active Sussex has done with older people in West Sussex was highlighted during the Live Longer Better national event recently.

The online event was held on March 22 and was designed specifically to explore the learning and insights from partners across the country.

Active Partnerships, of which Active Sussex is one of the 43, have embarked on this revolutionary movement, led and inspired by Sir Muir Gray, since 2020.  

The aims are not only to help individuals live longer and increase their healthspan, but also to prevent, delay, slow and, if possible, reverse the problems that create the need for health and social care.  

One of the key speakers was Ross Joannides, Strategic Relationship Manager at Active Sussex, who was asked to showcase the Stronger for Life work carried out in West Sussex.

The project aimed to increase provision of community strength and balance sessions for people aged 65 and over and to ensure there is buy-in from the health system in West Sussex, allowing the approach to be ‘system led’. 

Ross said: “It was a fantastic opportunity to be able to showcase how the impact of our Stronger for Life work in West Sussex is now helping us to build connections in place and strengthen our relationships within the health sector with a focus on older people and wider health challenges.

“From the outset this work has been underpinned by the learning from the Live longer Better Community of Practice and Learning, which brings together partners from across the country to support and challenge each other with the aim of shifting mindsets across the wider system on how we enable older people to be more active and healthier in later life. 

“The national event once again provided a platform to gain a greater knowledge through the work of others across the country and make connections that can help Active Sussex to build on the work happening locally. 

“We are very excited to continue our involvement with Live Longer Better and the wider impact this will have on communities across Sussex.” 

A significant amount has been learned along the way since the Live Longer Better movement began and this webinar provided an opportunity to leverage this learning and to connect the opportunities and strengths that sit across national and local partners.  

To watch a recording of the event please click here

Click here to read more about the Stronger for Life work in West Sussex.

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Ross Joannides
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